Sony Ericsson Julie Windows Phone 7 prototype phone live pictures

Remember the Sony Ericsson Julie Windows Phone 7 handset that SE was said to be working on back in June ? Well, here’s apparently how it looks like in the flesh. The device will probably never seen the light of the day but we now at least know how it looked like. I personally wouldn’t count on any Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 handset hitting retail anytime soon after what I heard the company reps say during Mobile World Congress when the subject was brought up (one kept on trashing MS and WP7 every time somebody asked him about it..). Android and the PlayStation Certified platform is what they are betting on (remember that the Sony NGP / PSP2 can also run Android..)
More pictures after the break:

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Sony Ericsson Julie: SE’s first Windows Phone 7 handset?

File this under the rumor category; according to an un-confirmed source, Sony Ericsson’s first Windows Phone 7¬†handset is codenamed Julie. The Sony Ericsson Julie is said to have a 4 inch capacitive touchscreen, a sliding qwerty keyboard and will be powered by a Qualcomm SnapDragon chipset clocked at 1 ghz. Not much else is known for now, but given SE’s current track record I wouldn’t expect to see it hit the market before 2011 (please prove me wrong¬†SE!).

Source: Techie Buzz