HP kills off the HP Slate?

File this in the rumor category and grab some salt..According to sources close to the matter, HP is about to cancel the much hyped Windows 7 Slate Tablet PC. Now this might seem a little far fetched given that the project is probably in its final stage before commercialization but after all that’s happen since yesterday (HTC paying MS for using Android, HP buying Palm, Microsoft canceling the Courier..) everything seems possible. If (big IF) this turns out to be true then my feeling that the decision to cancel the Courier Project yesterday is connected and motivated by HP’s acquisition of Palm is re-inforced. Let’s all wait and see for now…

Source: Techcrunch

HP Slate TabletPC shown

Well, like I predicted earlier, there was no Microsoft Courier in sight during Steve Ballmer’s CES opening keynote. Instead of showing the HP TouchSmart tm2 like I initialy thought an HP Slate Tablet PC protype was demonstrated and frankly it wasn’t that hot. The TouchSmart tm2 is a fully working product, god knows why they didn’t show it instead of the Slate prototype..Oh well here’s short teaser video:

Source: HP