ShopSavvy for Windows Phone 7 released but without live scanning

After initially being developed for Windows Mobile 6.5 and never seeing the light of the day the guys at Big in Japan decided to jump into the Windows Phone 7 bandwagon and port their application over to the new OS. It is now finally out in the Marketplace but unfortunately an important feature had to be cut out: Live Scanning. Here’s how it went down according to the developers:

After much wrangling and negotiating with Microsoft they have decided to release our app WITHOUT live scanning for the time being. They have their own ‘tag’ app that uses live scanning and I think they want to give it a headstart before allowing ShopSavvy to go full-on live. Anyway, the app looks pretty cool (full on metro styling) and will give you the same results that the iPhone and Android versions provide. It is definitely a 1.0 version – i.e. not 4.0 (like iPhone and soon Android), but it is a good start. You can download it now from the Marketplace.

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ShopSavvy for Windows Phone 7 sneak peak

Big In Japan has just posted a couple of screenshots of the Windows Phone 7 version of the Price comparison application ShopSavvy. After announcing that the application was coming to Windows Mobile 6.5 nearly a year ago, Big In Japan finally decided to scrap it and develop a WP7 app instead. As many of the WP7 applications we have seen lately this one also uses the panoramic UI mechanism of Metro.

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ShopSavyy coming to Windows Phone 7

Last time heard about the ShopSavvy application was back in September when the Windows Mobile 6.5 version was announced. But from the looks of it this version has never seen the light of the day and Big In Japan (the developers) are now working on a Windows Phone 7 application instead:

We began collecting email addresses from users who were interested in getting ShopSavvy on Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry. In fact, if you like, you can request a notification when either version of ShopSavvy is available (AND request to be included in the Beta period) here:

ShopSavyy alows you to scan product bar codes with you phone and does a price search for stores (online and retail) nearby to give the lowest prices.

Source: ShopSavyy via WME

ShopSavvy Windows Mobile 6.5 version screeshots

Only a couple of weeks left before ShopSavvy becomes available on the Windows Marketplace for Mobile and the iPhone’s app store. To make you salivate a bit, Big In Japan (the developers) have posted some Screenshots of the app running on Windows Mobile 6.5:

Source: Big In Japan via WMPoweruser

ShopSavvy Android app coming to Windows Mobile (and iPhone)

The popular Android app, ShopSavyy,that let’s user scan a products barcode & then automatically searches for the best price is coming soon to the new Windows Marketplace for Mobile and iPhone appstore according to the developer’s blog:

Who will win? ShopSavvy for the iPhone should be in the market any time now. We began working on ShopSavvy for Windows Mobile when the iPhone version was substantially complete. There is a chance that the Windows Mobile version of ShopSavvy may be available BEFOREthe iPhone – ouch. Initially, ShopSavvy will be available in Microsoft’s mobile market for 6.5. Eventually, it will be available for 6.1 – 7.0 Windows Mobile devices.

It would be interesting to see which marketplace gets it first (remember that MS’s will only be launched on Oct 6th).

Here’s a video of the app running on an HTC G1:

Source: ShopSavyy via Pocketnow