Motorola Milestone XT720 launching in Europe

The Motorola XT720 MOTOROI that launched in Korea back in January is now headed to Europe as the Motorola Milestone XT720. The device still features a 3.7″ 854×400 touchscreen similar to the Motorola Droid, an 8mpix camera with Xenon Flash capable of 720p video recording, an HDMI port and will be running Android 2.1. No carrier availability has been announced yet. Check out the full press release and promotional video after the break:

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Motorola MOTOROI (XT720) launching worldwide and in the US in March

According to Bae Joon-dong, senior vice president of SK Telecom and Rick Wolochatiuk, president and representative director of Motorola Korea the MOTOROI announced yesterday will be launching in the US in March and later worldwide. One thing to note though is that the build-in T-DMB tuner will probably be stripped out of the handset or deactivated.

Source: Korean Herald via Gizmodo

Motorola MOTOROI (XT720) Android phone launched in South Korea

Remember those Motorola Sholes Tablet pictures we saw a couple of weeks ago? Well, it now looks like the device is called the MOTOROI (XT720) and it is launching in South Korea’s SK Telecom today. The MOTOROI is also the first Android smartphone to pack an 8Mpix camera capable of capturing 720P videos and outputting them thourgh its HDMI connector. The handset is running Android 2.0, has 8GB of internal memory and a 3.7″ WVGA capacitive touchscreen coupled with a T-DMB TV tuner.

Check the Press Release here

Here’s a short hands on video:

Source: Motorola

Motorola Shole Tablet live pictures

Thanks to Chinese website we now have full blown pictures of the Motorola Sholes Tablet we have seen two days ago. Contrary to what we thought the device only sports a 5Mpix camre (8Mpix was the rumor). The design doesn’t really look atractive (thankfully the specs are great).

Source: via Engadget

Motorola Sholes Tablet to have HDMI out ?

The long rumored Motorola Sholes Tablet is just around the corner if the picture above is to be believed. The device seems to feature an HDMI port to output videos to an HDTV. The Sholes tablet is supposedly a Motorola Droid withouth the keyboard but a 8Mpix camera that can capture 720p videos (compared to the 5mpix on the Droid). The Chipset is rumored to be the same TI OMAP3430 clocked at 550Mhz.

Source: Mobile01 via BGR

Motorola Motus approved by the FCC

The Motorola Motus just passed the FCC, according to rumors the device is supposedly a refreshed Motorola CLIQ. The fact that the Motus really exist makes us believe that the rumored Sholes Tablet (a Motorola Droid with a bigger 8Mpix camera and 720p video recording) is indeed true. The previously leaked roadmap:
motorola-motus-sholes tablet

Source: FCC via Engadget