HTC HD2 Sense UI Tour video

It’s a slow news day and you’ve probably already seen all this, but Pocketnow has just uploaded a nice HTC HD2 Sense UI walkthrough video on YouTube:

Amazing job on HTC‘s part, the Sense UI is the what will let Windows Mobile survive untill WM7 is ready IMO.

Source: Pocketnow

Mobile Browser test: HTC HD2 vs Acer neoTouch vs iPhone 3GS

SoloPalamari just posted a quick browser comparison between the HTC HD2 (Opera Mobile 9.7) , Acer neoTouch (IE Mobile 6) & iPhone 3GS (Safari). Unfotunitely the test doesn’t really mean much because the Opera Turbo mode was enabled on the HTC HD2 (page are compressed on Opera’s proxy server to boost download speed) & the browser cache wasn’t cleared on all the phones.

Source: SoloPalmari

Lengthy HTC HD2 Review

The German boys at Areamobile just posted their lengthy review of the HTC HD2. There’s a really huge picture gallery that you should make sure to check out. Unfortunately the website is horrible to navigate (and slow as hell for me in IE & FireFox). But if you have some time use Google Translate to read the whole thing. Here’s their conclusion:


With the sales launch of HD2 iPhone losing its dominant position in the mobile market. Technically, the HTC smartphone, in all respects preferable to use at least comes close to the cult phone. Only the small battery could prove a major weakness of the HD2 – but that will only show the detailed testing.

The remains unmatched advantage of Apple is the perfect software ecosystem that was created by the company during the past two years. Download and buy music and programs from iTunes and App Store are simply unbeatable. But if one sees the gigantic high-end mobile phone from HTC besides the iPhone, then it is suddenly aware of the many drawbacks of compulsory binding to the PC’s iTunes software, the rudimentary Bluetooth support, the rigid arrangement of the user interface, the camera without flash that is not replaceable battery – but especially the high price and the adhesion contract with a network operator. It has been approvingly accepted with the knowledge, the best phone in the world in your hand and hold. But the competition is the development deficit made up. The HTC HD2 marks the beginning of a new generation of high-end smartphones, the Apple phone can suddenly look very old. The user can rejoice, because he is finally faced with a choice between different smart phones and operating systems, even if he has high standards.

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Source: AreaMobile

Full HTC HD2 review

WINMO.NL finally posted their Full review of HTC’s HD2 (we posted the first video earlier today). According to them the device feels really solid and sleek. Camera quality isn’t bad either. The device also came bundled with CoPilot GPS. Unfortunitely the review doesn’t really go in-depth so there’s nothing really new, just head over here to read the whole thing (using Google translate obviously):

capacitive But it is getting used, the combination capacitive screen + Windows Mobile.
HTC has gone to very good through the Sense HTC lot capacitive finger-friendly, but for those years with the counterpart, the resistive screen (based on real pressure on the screen) has worked to change the capacitive to practice .
In particular, typing on the virtual keyboard screen is suddenly a lot slower, because you screen compared to a resistive touchscreen just another way to touch.

Multitouch coming to Windows phones! Thanks HTC. Windows Mobile 6.5 supports ie not multitouch, but HTC’s Sense and the Opera Web browser interface is nice.
The principle is simple but well-known (of course the iPhone): with two fingers can now make all sorts of gestures to things happening on your screen.
The most famous, the “pinch” the HD2 is supported, allowing you to squeeze a motion picture, text and websites can zoom in and out.

Opera Mobile 9.7:

Video Playback:

Source: WINMO.NL

Latest HTC TouchFLO/Sense has iPhone-like copy & paste

WooO looks like Apple fans are going to have a field day with this one. The way copy/paste is managed in the latest version of HTC‘s TouchFLO/Sense UI for the HTC HD2 is exactly the same as on the iPhone (minus the magifying glass). This can only be a good thing though given that Apple’s implementation is one ofthe best I’ve ever used. Wonder what happened to to the HTCMagnifier though, I guess that if will be availble once the new version of Windows Mobile 6.5 is released.


Source: Pocketnow

HTC HD2 Sense UI video walk-through

One more HTC HD2 video for you viewing pleasure today. This time from WINMO.NL showing us a quick walk-through of the Sense UI (TouchFLO 2.5):

Update: Full review here

Source: YouTube

HTC TouchFLO 3D 2.5 Build 1920 video tour

Here’s a short video tour of the latest TouchFLO 3D (or should I call it Sense now?) version (2.5 Build 1920) that’s shipping on the HTC HD2 (on which it runs quite a bit faster thanks to the SnapDragon chipset). The demo is done on a TouchPro2 though. Don’t expect anything really new in there but if you have some time to it is:

Source: Pocketnow

HTC Hero Sense UI lag fixed by future rom update

HTC’s Hero most talked about flaw is the UI lag that often happens when sliding left/right through the home-screen. Based on the video posted by Paul @ MoDaCo showing a future rom it looks like HTC managed to fix the problem and make the Hero on par with the iPhone when it comes to UI snappiness and fluidity!

Source: MoDaCo