BART Train system Windows Phone 7 application

One more Windows Phone 7 prototype application has been unveiled today. This time it’s a BART train system application build in parts with Expression Blend 4 and that uses the DeepZoom Silverlight control for the map.

I started with a basic xml data feed displayed in a ListBox and then styled it up using Microsoft Expression Blend. The demo itself is not fully functioning but thanks to the easy-to-use development tools, I was able to complete the current demo in less than a day. In the future I will link BART stations to their corresponding schedules, so that you can check the times for any station.

Video after the break:

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Monet, Van Gogh & Cézanne gallery ported to Windows Phone 7 in less than 2 hours!

I posted about neat looking gallery using the Metro UI and developed in Silverlight by Microsoft nearly 2 weeks ago and wondered how long it would take to port it to Windows Phone 7 now that the mobile OS fully supports SL and DeepZoom. Well, Ronnie Saurenmann, from Microsoft Switzerland, was kind enough to mail me out of the blue today and tell me that he successfully ported his gallery to Windows Phone 7 in 1 hour and a half! According to him the port actually took only 30 minutes but he had to ad the app bar, back navigation function and some performance tweaks (the app is faster/smoother than in the video) so the total time spent on it was finally around 1 hour and a half (90% of the code is shared between both versions). I think that this really speaks volume on how Microsoft has really a leg up the competition when it comes to application development now that they are finally integrating all their latest technology and services into one powerful package. You can check out the original desktop application here. Below is a video of the WP7 version on the CTP emulator:

Monet, Van Gogh & Cézanne paintings in Silverlight with DeepZoom and Metro UI

Microsoft did a really nice Silverlight gallery of the Van Gogh, Cézanne, Monet collection presented at the Kunsthaus Zürich in Switzerland. The presentation uses DeepZoom and the Metro UI to navigate trough the paintings. It would be interesting to see if this interactive gallery can be easily ported to WP7 now that DeepZoom is fully functional on Windows Phone 7. Head over here to check it out.

DeepZoom on Windows Phone 7

Developers who wish to integrate Microsoft’s DeepZoom technology in their Windows Phone 7 applications now have 2 choices:

1) The DeepZoom Container for Windows Phone 7:

DeepZoom enables powerful functions to build large-scale image-based projects such as GIS application, games, and more. DeepZoomContainer is a package of classes that expands DeepZoom functionality.

This library is a part of components of ROH Project: The Automata Storytelling Engine and Its Prototype.

2) By directly enabling the functionality (via MultiScaleImage control ) in the Visual Studio ToolBox:

Source: DeepZoom Container & DeepZoom Sample