Samsung Galaxy S 720P video sample

Here’s a short HD video captured with a Samsung Galxy S during the Rolland Garros Tennis tournament in Paris a few days ago. Video quality seems pretty good (It’s probably sharper before the YouTube compression) and the frame rate it fairly consistent (good light conditions play a big role here). The real fun will begin on June 24th when we will finally see how the iPhone 4′s HD camcorder looks like. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple manages to one-up Samsung. HTC is lagging far behind in quality as we have witnessed a few days ago with the HTC EVO 4G and Acer’s 720P function is just…well..not worth it. Video after the break:

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Samsung Galaxy S review

Just found out that Mobile01 posted a gigantic review of the Samsung Galaxy S a little while ago. Unfortunately it’s in Chinese so Google’s translator will be you savior here. the Samsung Galaxy S is a real winner according to the review thanks to all of the multimedia features like 720P video recording, HDMI out, native Divx support and DNLA etc.. The S5PC110A01 Chipset is also praised for its awesome performances especially when it comes to playing back 720P videos or rendering webpages.

But now let’s talk about the Super AMOLED screen; according to the reviewer the panel on the Galaxy S is the best thing he has ever seen and that it’s hard to go back after using it for a little while.

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