Samsung Captivate to receive GPS fix soon. Froyo at the end of the month in Europe

Samsung has just announced via Twitter that the Samsung Captivate (AT&T’s version of the Galaxy S) will sonn receive a fix for the GPS issues that has been affecting all the Galaxy S models:

GPS + other improvements for Samsung ATT Captivate are HERE! Today – next few weeks OTA notification will be sent to customers!

Other Galaxy S devices like the Samsung Fascinate and Vibrant (and the European models) will get the fix later one:

In regards to updates from our other Carrier partners, we are working diligently to release these improvements as well!

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Samsung Epic 4G user manual available for download

The hotly anticipated Samsung Epic 4G is about to hit retail in a few days (August 31th) and as it’s frequently the case the device’s user manual is already up on Samsung’s servers. You can grab it right now if you are planning to get the device next week and be familiar with the product. I just took a quick glance at the pdf and can already tell you that it doesn’t deffer much from the other Galaxy S user manuals.

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Sim Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S in less than five minutes without rooting it

The Samsung Galaxy S is shaping up to be one of the best smartphone released this year and things are getting even better. For those who don’t know yet, several mobile operators in Europe are actually selling their own branded versions of the Galaxy S totally sim-unlocked. I don’t really know how this happened or if this is still the case but the first batch of phones shipped in France for example didn’t get locked before hitting retail. But if you are in the possession of a sim-locked handset (especially in the US with the Vibrant, Captivate, Fascinate and Epic 4G) you can now easily unlocked your device in less than five minutes for free and without even rooting it. Thanks to dagentooboy over at XDA-Devs here are the instructions:

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Samsung Epic 4G Review round-up

The usual suspects have posted the first round of Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G reviews today. All three of them (Engdaget, Gizmodo, and Slashgear) have found the Epic 4G to be the best Android handset currently on the market and definitely a step up from the HTC EVO 4G available on the same carrier. One has to keep in the mind that the Epic is basically just a Samsung Galaxy S with a sliding keyboard and WiMax radio so one can concluded that Samsung keyboard-less offering (the Glaxy S,  Vibrant, Captivate, Fascinate) are also really top notch products. I’m currently using a Galaxy S and can confirm that Samsung has done an awesome job this time around and the 720P capturing mode is really good IMO (I’ll talk about it once I post my HTC Wildfire review really soon).

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Samsung’s GPS fix for the Galaxy S expected in September

I’ve already re-tweeted this as soon as it was announced by Samsung 2 days ago but thought it would better to re-post here given how slow things are this weekend. If you are a Samsung Galaxy S, Captivate, Vibrant, Fascinate user you’ve probably noticed that the device has a hard time locating and fixing the GPS satellites. Samsung is apparently aware of the problem and is planning to release the fix next month.My guess is that tit will probably be part of the Android 2.2/ Froyo update which is expected to be released around the same time.

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Mobile GPU performance comparison

Google can deny it all day long but the fact is that the Android ecosystem is suffering from hardware fragmentation and things aren’t looking like they are going to get better any time soon. One of the main hardware difference between Android devices is he GPU which is part of the SoC (System On a Chip / Chipset) powering the handset. There’s currently three big players in the market today: Qualcomm’s SnapDragon SoC with the Adreno 200 GPU, TI OMAP 3XXX with the Power VR SGX 530/535 and finally Samsung’s Hummingbird (S5PC110A01) with a PowerVR SGX540 GPU all three of them feature a CortexA8 CPU core. Android and Me wrapped up a couple of benchmarks comparing them and the final verdict is clear as bottled water. Samsung’s Hummingbird is heads and shoulder above the competition thanks to the SGX540 GPU, followed by TI’s and Qualcomm’s chipsets. This should come as no surprise, the SGX540 is currently the most powerful mobile GPU on the market but one has to take into account the quality of the drivers. Qualcomm has been far behind in this sector ever since its acquisition of AMD/ATI’s mobile GPU division nearly 2 years ago. Benchmarks conducted on Windows Mobile devices like the HTC HD2 (SnapDragon with Adreno 200/AMD Z430 GPU) have shown up to a %500 increase in performance in some bechnmarks when homemade/tweaked drivers where used instead of the ones supplied with the retail device. This doesn’t mean that it can rival Samsung’s SGX540 equipped handsets like the Galaxy S line of Android phones but SnapDragon based devices would have graphics performances more in line with what you should expect from a hing-end smartphone in 2010. It will be interesting to see how things will be like on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7  platform (Only Qualcomm is certified to provide chipset for the first WP7 handsets) now that Microsoft will provide/certify the drivers. From what I have seen the graphics performance of the prototype devices is tons better than what we have now on the market. It has been said by me many times (and others who have played with the Samsung Taylor): the UI of WP7 ( Direct3D fully hardware accelerate by the Adreno GPU) is more responsive than the iPhone. Things will only get better in the future when devices like the HTC Mondrian WP7 handset will supposedly feature the updated Snapdragon core and when Google finally sets minimum performance and hardware requirement in a future version of Android (rumored to come in Android 3.0).

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The AT&T Samsung Captivate is available and shipping now

Following T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant launch on thursday comes the launch of the second carrier branded Samsung Galaxy S. Satrting today; AT&T  is officialy taking orders and shipping the Samsung Captivate. There’s isn’t much to say here, the prices are simila ot the Vibrant ($199 with a 2 year contractetc..) so if you are on AT&T and want the most powerfull smartphone on the market today’s you lucky day I guess.

Source: AT&T

Samsung Captivate spotted in the wild with its retail package

With the Samsung Captivate launch date set to July 18th it isn’t surprising to see the first shots of the retail packed and device itself. AT&T’s version of the Galaxy S will set you back $200 with a 2 year contract but who wouldn’t want to grab the market’s fast smartphone? As we have seen a few days ago the device’s  Humingbird chipset coupled with the PowerVR SCX540 GPU are unstoppable right now. Retail package picture after the break:

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All Samsung Galaxy S phones will get Android 2.2 this year

Nothing terribly new here. but it’s good to have an official statement about the future Android 2.2 upgrade of the Samsung Galaxy S handsets (the Samsung Epic 4G, Captivate, Vibrant and Fascinate) will receive Froyo (with obviously Adobe Flash 10.1 support) in the coming months.

Source: Twitter

Samsung Galaxy S vs iPhone 4 display video comparison

Here’s a pretty good display comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S and the iPhone 4. Contrary to  Engadget’s stuff this one isn’t insanely zoom-in so you can see how both handsets look like fom a normal viewing distance. The colors are definitely richer on the Super AMOLED and the aspect ratio of the screen makes up for the slightly lower PPI and PenTile Matrix. Check it out after the break and make sure to watch it in 1080p:

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iPhone 4 Retina Display vs Samsung Galaxy S Super AMOLED

UPADTE: Check out may Super AMOLED comparison videos here and here
Here’s a quick comparison between the iPhone 4′s Retina Display and the Samsung Galaxy S’s super AMOLED. The first thing you will notice is the PenTile Matrix sub-pixels arrangement on the Super AMOLED which make the panel look really inferior to the IPS LCD on the iPhone 4. People will automatically jump to the conclusion that the higher pixel density on the iPhone 4 is the winner here, but this isn’t the case. The problem here is the PenTile Matrix which cause the image to look fuzzy not the lower PPI. A interesting test would be to snap a couple of pictures of the Droid X or regular Droid screen and compare them to the Retina Display of the iPhone 4. Both Motorola handsets have a similar ISP LCD panel as Apple’s device (but with lower PPI because of the size of their screens) so you probably won’t notice any major difference other than the smaller size of the pixels on the iPhone 4 (check out how the LCD panel of the HTC HD2 compares to the PenTile Matrix on the HTC Desire here). I personally think that Apple made a good decision when going for an IPS panel instead of a Super AMOLED now that it is known that Samsung’s latest and greatest tech still uses the PenTile Matrix. Sure you won’t notice any big differences from a normal viewing dsitance but the text does look fuzzier and can be a little bit annoying after a while (but that’s just my opinion after my experience with the HTC Desire).

Two more videos comparing the outdoors visibility and veiwing angles after the break:

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Samsung Captivate early hands-on preview

Engadget has posted and quick hands-on preview of the Samsung Gala… Samsung Captivate handset expected to launch on At&T this summer. The Captivate is the AT&T branded and re-designed version of the Samsung Galaxy S unfortunately the device they had in there hands was supposedly a prototype with a lower clocked S5PC1101A01 chipset and still unfinished software (looks like AT&T is adding some crap to the OS…) Check out the video below:

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Samsung Captivate announced: AT&T’s version of the Galaxy S

This one came out of nowhere! AT&Thas just announced a re-branded a re-designed version of the Samsung Galaxy S; the Samsung Captivate. It has the same specifications as the original handset but a design reminiscent of the Blackberry Storm. The 4″ Super AMOLED screen is still here same for the S5PC110A01chipset:

Immerse yourself in the realism of the 4” Super AMOLED display. Elevate your gaming experience with the six-axis motion sensor and powerful 3D graphics engine. Listen to the dynamic richness of surround-sound stereo audio. You get high entertainment value plus a complete suite of hardworking fully integrated Google applications. Check email, get directions, download thousands of apps from the Android Market, upload video to YouTube™, and much more. Powered by the 1 GHz Cortex A8 Samsung application processor and the Android™ 2.1 operating system, the Samsung Captivate is packed with exciting features in a sleek and slim design:

•Super AMOLED 4” touchscreen display – improved off-axis viewing and better outdoor visibility
•Entertainment galore with six-axis motion sensor and 3D graphics engine and surround-sound audio
•5 MP camera with HD video recording
•Choose from thousands of apps on the Android Market™
•Integrated social networking tools – one place for status updates
•16 GB on-board memory for photos, videos, and music – expandable memory up to 32 GB

The Captivate doesn’t look any better than the Galaxy S, AT&T should have sticked with the orignial design IMO.

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