Windows Phone 8 Samsung ATIV Odyssey for Verizon announced

Verizon just followed Sprint today with the announcement of a new mid-range Windows Phone 8 from Samsung. The Samsung ATIV Odyssey appears to be nearly identical to the Nokia Lumia 822 (it has the same SoC, same WVGA S-AMOLED panel, Micro-SD expansion slot etc..) so if you are still found of the 1st generation Samsung Focus design this one might be for you. The ATIV Odyssey will be Verizon’s third WP8 offering next to the HTC Windows Phone 8X & Nokia Lumia 822 and should be released in the coming weeks. This will also be Samsung’s first WP8 handset in the US (the ATIV S isn’t available on any carrier and can only be bought unlocked).

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Samsung ATIV S Hands On

I finally had the chance to handle the first ever Windows Phone 8 handset announced which is also the one that nobody ever saw in the flesh since its first unveiling back in the summer: the Samsung ATIV S. As you probably all already know the ATIV S for the most part the Windows Phone 8 variant of the Samsung Galaxy S3 with a fresh new design and what looks like a slightly better screen. I admit that I’m definitely not sure of this but the 4.8″ 720P Supper AMOLED panel doesn’t seem to have the same PenTile sub-pixel array as the S3 and is closer to the one found on the new Galaxy Note 2. The screen really has the best viewing angles of any phone I have ever handled but as its usual the case with Samsung the color calibration seems to be totally off.

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Samsung ATIV S hands on video

GSMArena has accidentally posted a short hands on video of the first Windows Phone 8 handset announced; the Samsung ATIV S. The video is now private but a lower-resolution copy of it it already up on YouTube which you can watch after the break. There isn’t much news in it besides a short demo of Windows Phone 8‘s Kid’s Corner feature which will allow users to setup up specific features, content (games, videos, music, pictures) to be accessible by children. Once the whole thing is activated the phone will have to lock-screens: the regular one which should be password protected and a second one accessible by a finger swipe to the left.

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Samsung ATIV S Specifications

In case you are wondering what are the exact hardware specs of the Samsung ATIV S just head over to the break to check out what’s inside the first Windows Phone 8 handset to be announced. Remember that this is probably the European version because of the HSPAS+ only support so you can expect an US LTE model to be announced relatively shortly. Also note the the supported codecs list which is interesting if true..

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Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone 8 announced

Samsung is officially the first out of the gate with it’s Windows Phone 8 handset announcement today at IFA in Berlin.  The Samsung ATIV S (also known as the SGH-T899) is the first Windows Phone 8 phone to be publicly unveiled and sure enough it doesn’t disappointed as this is essentially the WP8 version of the current best Android handsets, the Galaxy SII. The hardware is for the most part identical to the US LTE variant of the SII so you will find a gigantic 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED (720P) display powered by a Qualcomm S4 Plus SOC clocked at 1.5Ghz (with the Adreno 225 GPU), 1GB of RAM, 16GB or 32GB of internal memory, Micro-SD expansion Slot, NFC, an 8Mpix rear facing camera and a 1.9 FF cam. All in a 8.7mm thick package. Last but not least, the Samsung ATIV S will pack a relatively generous 2300Mha battery. Check out more pictures after the break:

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