10 Million Samsung Galaxy S smartphones have been sold

Samsung is proudly announcing today that more than 10 million Samsung Galaxy S devices have been sold since it’s initial launch less that 7 months ago. I do have to admit that when Samsung estimated that they would hit this number I seriously doubted that they were going to pull it off. Glad to see that I was wrong because the Galaxy S really deserves the success it has right now (even thought it still has some issues but the hardware is frankly top notch).

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Mobile GPU performance comparison

Google can deny it all day long but the fact is that the Android ecosystem is suffering from hardware fragmentation and things aren’t looking like they are going to get better any time soon. One of the main hardware difference between Android devices is he GPU which is part of the SoC (System On a Chip / Chipset) powering the handset. There’s currently three big players in the market today: Qualcomm’s SnapDragon SoC with the Adreno 200 GPU, TI OMAP 3XXX with the Power VR SGX 530/535 and finally Samsung’s Hummingbird (S5PC110A01) with a PowerVR SGX540 GPU all three of them feature a CortexA8 CPU core. Android and Me wrapped up a couple of benchmarks comparing them and the final verdict is clear as bottled water. Samsung’s Hummingbird is heads and shoulder above the competition thanks to the SGX540 GPU, followed by TI’s and Qualcomm’s chipsets. This should come as no surprise, the SGX540 is currently the most powerful mobile GPU on the market but one has to take into account the quality of the drivers. Qualcomm has been far behind in this sector ever since its acquisition of AMD/ATI’s mobile GPU division nearly 2 years ago. Benchmarks conducted on Windows Mobile devices like the HTC HD2 (SnapDragon with Adreno 200/AMD Z430 GPU) have shown up to a %500 increase in performance in some bechnmarks when homemade/tweaked drivers where used instead of the ones supplied with the retail device. This doesn’t mean that it can rival Samsung’s SGX540 equipped handsets like the Galaxy S line of Android phones but SnapDragon based devices would have graphics performances more in line with what you should expect from a hing-end smartphone in 2010. It will be interesting to see how things will be like on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7  platform (Only Qualcomm is certified to provide chipset for the first WP7 handsets) now that Microsoft will provide/certify the drivers. From what I have seen the graphics performance of the prototype devices is tons better than what we have now on the market. It has been said by me many times (and others who have played with the Samsung Taylor): the UI of WP7 ( Direct3D fully hardware accelerate by the Adreno GPU) is more responsive than the iPhone. Things will only get better in the future when devices like the HTC Mondrian WP7 handset will supposedly feature the updated Snapdragon core and when Google finally sets minimum performance and hardware requirement in a future version of Android (rumored to come in Android 3.0).

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Samsung Captivate spotted in the wild with its retail package

With the Samsung Captivate launch date set to July 18th it isn’t surprising to see the first shots of the retail packed and device itself. AT&T’s version of the Galaxy S will set you back $200 with a 2 year contract but who wouldn’t want to grab the market’s fast smartphone? As we have seen a few days ago the device’s  Humingbird chipset coupled with the PowerVR SCX540 GPU are unstoppable right now. Retail package picture after the break:

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HTC Desire vs Samsung Galaxy S: Quake 2 performance

We already saw the Samsung Galaxy S running Quake 3 without breaking a sweat a few days ago. But how does it compare to HTC’s latest Android smartphone? Here’s a video of Quake 2 running on an HTC Desire next to a Galaxy S…the verdict is that HTC’s handset gets totally slaughtered by Samsung’s offering. My guess is that this has more to do with Qualcomm/HTC sub-par drivers than the actual GPU power under the hood (even though the PowerVR SGX540 GPU in the Galaxy S is in definitely more powerful that the current Qualcomm Adreno 200 found in the QSD8×50 SnapDragon. Watch the whole thing after the break:

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Quake 3 ported to the Samsung Galaxy S

Elootos over at MediaCenterHouse has managed to port Quake 3 Arena to the recently released Samsung Galaxy S and posted a video of it on YouTube yesterday. What is interesting here is that unlike the majority of the “Q3 ported to XXMobile device” videos we can clearly see that this time the game is set to the highest level of polygons detail (look at the rocket launcher). The  S5PC110A01(Hummingbird) chipset is currently the fastest overall mobile chipset on the market now ( can’t wait to see how the  stacks up against it). Video after the break:

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Samsung Captivate early hands-on preview

Engadget has posted and quick hands-on preview of the Samsung Gala… Samsung Captivate handset expected to launch on At&T this summer. The Captivate is the AT&T branded and re-designed version of the Samsung Galaxy S unfortunately the device they had in there hands was supposedly a prototype with a lower clocked S5PC1101A01 chipset and still unfinished software (looks like AT&T is adding some crap to the OS…) Check out the video below:

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Samsung Captivate announced: AT&T’s version of the Galaxy S

This one came out of nowhere! AT&Thas just announced a re-branded a re-designed version of the Samsung Galaxy S; the Samsung Captivate. It has the same specifications as the original handset but a design reminiscent of the Blackberry Storm. The 4″ Super AMOLED screen is still here same for the S5PC110A01chipset:

Immerse yourself in the realism of the 4” Super AMOLED display. Elevate your gaming experience with the six-axis motion sensor and powerful 3D graphics engine. Listen to the dynamic richness of surround-sound stereo audio. You get high entertainment value plus a complete suite of hardworking fully integrated Google applications. Check email, get directions, download thousands of apps from the Android Market, upload video to YouTube™, and much more. Powered by the 1 GHz Cortex A8 Samsung application processor and the Android™ 2.1 operating system, the Samsung Captivate is packed with exciting features in a sleek and slim design:

•Super AMOLED 4” touchscreen display – improved off-axis viewing and better outdoor visibility
•Entertainment galore with six-axis motion sensor and 3D graphics engine and surround-sound audio
•5 MP camera with HD video recording
•Choose from thousands of apps on the Android Market™
•Integrated social networking tools – one place for status updates
•16 GB on-board memory for photos, videos, and music – expandable memory up to 32 GB

The Captivate doesn’t look any better than the Galaxy S, AT&T should have sticked with the orignial design IMO.

Source: AT&T

Samsung Galaxy Beam shipping in July: Android with a Pico-Projector

The Samsung Galaxy Beam Android handset that packs a DLP Pico-Projector is said to finally start shipping in Korea next months and probably this fall in Europe and the US. The device was first announced during MWC2010 (but I totally forgot to check it out when I was there) and features a 3.7″ WVGA Super AMOLED, a 8 Mpix camera with HD recording capabilities (the same as on the Samsung Galaxy S I guess)  and Android 2.1. I guess that it will also have the same S5PC110A01 chipset. Check out the full specs list below:
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Samsung Galaxy S Pro spotted in the wild

The Samsung Galaxy S isn’t even out in retail stores and we are already seeing what looks like the full slide-out qwerty version of the device probably called the Samsung Galaxy s Pro which is apparently headed to Sprint in the US. Nothing else is know about it other than it runs Android and supposedly comes equipped with a 4G / WinMAx radio.

Source: Engadget

Samsung Galaxy S 720P video sample

Here’s a short HD video captured with a Samsung Galxy S during the Rolland Garros Tennis tournament in Paris a few days ago. Video quality seems pretty good (It’s probably sharper before the YouTube compression) and the frame rate it fairly consistent (good light conditions play a big role here). The real fun will begin on June 24th when we will finally see how the iPhone 4′s HD camcorder looks like. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple manages to one-up Samsung. HTC is lagging far behind in quality as we have witnessed a few days ago with the HTC EVO 4G and Acer’s 720P function is just…well..not worth it. Video after the break:

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Samsung Galaxy S review

Just found out that Mobile01 posted a gigantic review of the Samsung Galaxy S a little while ago. Unfortunately it’s in Chinese so Google’s translator will be you savior here. the Samsung Galaxy S is a real winner according to the review thanks to all of the multimedia features like 720P video recording, HDMI out, native Divx support and DNLA etc.. The S5PC110A01 Chipset is also praised for its awesome performances especially when it comes to playing back 720P videos or rendering webpages.

But now let’s talk about the Super AMOLED screen; according to the reviewer the panel on the Galaxy S is the best thing he has ever seen and that it’s hard to go back after using it for a little while.

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Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPad A4 ARM Chipset has the same core as Samsung’s S5PC110

UBM TechInsights has just issued a press release and a couple of documents showing that Apple’s A4 chipset found in the iPhone 4 and the iPad shares the exact same ARM core as the Samsung S5PC110A01 found in the Samsung Wave and Samsung Galaxy S Handsets. There’s nothing surprising here given that this core was build by Intrinsity for Samsung (who also manufactures the Apple SoCs). Intrisity was then bought by Apple a few weeks ago. Steve Jobs can claim that Apple build the A4 but the fact is that Intrisity did it before being bought by Apple. At the end of the day this doesn’t really matter much (and the both chipset use different GPUs anyway). Full press release after the break:

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Samsung Galaxy S officially launching in Europe

Samsung is officially launching the Samsung Galaxy SAndroid smartphone in Europe today. There’s still no real info on pricing and on carrier/country availability (we alread know that Vodafone UK willl get it) but it obvious that Samsung wants to push it out as soon as possible before the imminent launch of the next generation iPhone in a few days/weeks. Other regions will also get the Galaxy S in the coming months (it will supposedly launch in 110 countries). Check out the full press release after the break:
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The Samsung Galaxy S launching in 110 Countries at the same time

Accodring to the Korea ITTimes Samsung is about to launch the Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphone in 110 countries at the same time.

Samsung have made contracts with major telecommunication companies from 110 countries. For instance, Orange, which is the key brand Telecom in France, SingTel from Singapore, Deutsche Telecom from Germany and many others. This simultaneous release is a rare case in the industry

Samsung is really confident about the Galaxy S succes and it you look at the current market this is the company’s only phone that can really compete against the upcoming iPhone 4g /HG and HTC’s high-end Android handsets like the EVO 4G and Desire. The Galaxy S features Samsung new Super AMOLED screen (4″),  the company’s own S5PC110 / S5PC110A01 chipset clocked at 1Ghz and a 5Mpix camera capable of 720P video capture. The device will ship with Android 2.1 but should hopefully get an update to Android 2.2 shortly after. This summer is going to be all about the new iPhone and Android untill Windows Phone 7 finally launches around October or November. Samsung is one of the main launch partners on WP7 and a modified Omnia HD is being used to develop the OS. You can check out my Windows Phone 7 hands on video on the Samsung prototype here.

Source: Korea IT Times

Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Wave coming soon to Vodafone UK

Samsung’s upcoming high-end Android 2.1 smartphone, the Galaxy S,an the company’s first Bada handsets, the Samsung Wave, are apparently headed to Vodafone UK and should be launching soon. Both devices feature Samsung’s new Super AMOLED screen technology and the company’s own S5PC110 / S5PC110A01 chipset (with PowerVR SGX540 GPU theoretically capable of pushing 90M triangles/sec). The Samsung Wave is also available for pre-order on amazon UK for £399 unlocked.

Source: Vodafone & Amazon