Resco Photo Manager 7 hands on video: Multi-Touch support

I just did a short hands-on video of the recently released Resco Photo Manager 7 showing you the new UI and the Multi-Touch implementation on the HTC HD2 (introduced in version 7.03) . As you can seethe application is blazing fast and pinch-zooming works quite well (but I would like to have the option to disable the multi-touch rotation feature..).

I’ll post a more in-depth review in the coming days.

Resco Photo Manager 7 released

Resco Photo Manager 7
Resco Photo Manager 7 (known as Photo Viewer before) is finally out of beta and released. It is, as far as I am concerned, the best photo editing and managing application on Windows Mobile. So, waste no time and download the 7-day trial version here. The full version will set you back $24,95 (ouch!).

WM 6.5 registration fixed
Touch friendly user interface
User interface is in new graphic
Add GPS position to any image and make a diary of your trip
Locate geo-tagged image on map (using Google Maps)
Different skins available
Letter & date navigation bar
Folder content preview
Rotation , navigation and zoom gestures
Double tap image to quickly view detail in original size
GUI animations
Support of G-sensor
Convert image to JPG, PNG and BMP
Text notes can be saved into EXIF
Upload to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa supported
Upload image with comment and GPS location

Source: Resco via WMExperts

Resco Photo Viewer 7 Beta is out

Remember Resco’s Photo Viewer I talked about nearly 2 weeks ago ? Well it’s now officially available in Beta:

We are glad to announce you, that after the Alpha stage we are releasing the BETA version of the Resco Photo Viewer, that implements all the functionality that makes the Photo Viewer complet. We hope you will help us make the new version of the Photo Viewer the best viewer on the market and that you will enjoy it.

What is new from the last version 6.33:

The application is completely touch friendly
In the folder view you are able to see three thumbnails of the pictures in the folder
You can view the GPS position from the picture in google maps or using your browser
You can add your actual GPS position to a picture
Send to SMS, MMS, E-mail
Upload to Flickr, Facebook, Picassa, Twitter
Select album where to upload, add comment and GPS position
Edit Mode in view
Contrast and Gamma adjusment
Adding Notes from a dialog
View Notes and GPS from Exif (or add to Exif if not present)

Options dialog:

Start In Folder
Auto-Hide Scroller
Auto-Hide Tools
Document Mode (for comics and fax reading)
Send\Upload Settings (preddefined send size and other settings …)
Associate All Formats
View Mode (Details, Icons, Icons + Names, Icons + Details)
Show/Hile Notes option
Show Next/Prev Buttons

The new BETA version can be downloaded from here:

Exe installation file
Cab installation file

Source: Resco via XDA-Devs

Resco Photo Viewer Alpha for windows mobile Preview

Resco’s award winning Windows Mobile Photo Viewer is finally about to get a finger friendly update after many years. An Alpha version is available for download on Resco’s forums. After playing with it for a bit I took those screenshots to show you the new finger friendly menu system (with kinetic scrolling). Icons are big enough even on 2.8″ screens and everything is runs smoothly.
The only downside is the thumbnails loading which takes time (but might be faster on new Windows Mobile phones as I was using a old HTC Trinity). Photo editing,which is one of the main features of the application (it let’s you crop/resize/draw etc), isn’t available in the Alpha and the only real bug I found was that panning through a picture when zoomed-in didn’t work correctly.


some new features:
G-sensor support
Touch friendlyness
The folder shows the preview of the pictures inside it
100% zoom in and out using double clicking (zoom the double clicked area)
Thumbnail and list view and multiselection operations
Direct access to the camera
Upload to Facebook, Flickr

Try it for yourself here

Post in the comments section if you find any bugs.

UPDATE: The Beta is out

Source: Resco via PPCGeeks

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