Microsoft triggers the kill-Switch and remotely re-locks ChevronWP7 unlocked devices OTA ?

Oh man, I guess that some folks better apologize to me (especially those who sent me hate mails insulting me) because they didn’t agree with me when I said that Microsoft could possibly remotely pull the plug on the ChevronWP7 unlocker certificate… because this is what just apparently happened according to several reports on XDA. The  Windows Phone 7 phones that have been unlocked using ChevronWP7 have now been remotely re-locked by MS:

yeah, the sane thing happened to me.

When i clicked the program on my phone. I got a message from MS asking me to uninstall, because the program has been revoked.

same here, tried to start TA maps and MS forced me to uninstall it.

Connected the phone and ran ChevronWP: it’s locked again!

maybe MS pulled the kill switch an re-locked the phones?
yup , I got the same to ,you can unlock it again and then it is working again

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ChevronWP7 unlocker discounted after discussion with Microsoft

Well, that was quick… The guys behind the ChevronWP7 “unlocker” have officially pulled and discounted the application less than a week after its release. According to their latest blog post they’ve got contacted by Microsoft’s Brandon Watson and decided to take it down after Microsoft’s agreed to engage in further discussions about officially facilitating homebrew development on Windows Phone 7. This is good news and shows that Microsoft knows how to be persuasive… Let’s hope that these discussions turn into some thing real and concrete soon.

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Microsoft to take action against Windows Phone 7 Unlocking tool ?

It didn’t take long for Microsoft to respond after yesterday’s release of the ChevronWP7 application side-loading unlocker. Here’s what an Microsoft’s spokesperson told T.Warren:

We anticipated that people would attempt to unlock the phones and explore the underlying operating system. We encourage people to use their Windows Phone as supplied by the manufacturer to ensure the best possible user experience. Attempting to unlock a device could void the warranty, disable phone functionality, interrupt access to Windows Phone 7 services or render the phone permanently unusable.

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Windows Phone 7 unlocker released

I admit that I hesitate a bit before posting this given that I’m not really into promoting hacking or piracy. So there’s a small tool that was released 2 hours ago that will enable any Windows Phone 7 user to “unlock” his device and side-load any application on it. The official and legal way to do this is to register as a developer and pay $99/y. So what’s the big deal here other than having the ability to side-load (currently via Visual Studio) any application son any WP7? Well this looks like the beginning of a big mess folks. First off Microsoft, thanks to its PVK system, can detect and ban all the devices unlocked with this method (yeah re-locking it afterwards won’t help you if you Device ID is blacklisted). Secondly, couple this new unlocker with the security issue of the curent Marketplace (anyone can freely download an app directly from the marketplace by bypassing the Zune software and decompile the code even if it was obfuscated by the developer..) and we are now in piracy heaven… Anyway, it’s up to you to decide if you want to unlock your device this way at the risk of being blocked by MS (if they decide to take this route) but I won’t be surprised to see a WP7 update in the near future “fix” this potential security hole.  I’m all for tweaking your device etc (hey I actually found out how to enable USB drive mode on Window Phone 7! remember?) , but I’m still unsure about this one…The ChevronWP7 unlocker can be found here. BTW, anyone find this “strange” that this  stuff gets released now on Thanksgiving just when most of the MS employees are on holyday leave?

Want to crack Windows Phone 7 ? Keep on dreaming..

Every time that news about Windows Phone 7 being ported on the HTC HD2 has popped up I tried to make it perfectly clear that this whole hacking/porting adventure was totally useless because all the online services embedded in the OS (Windows Live, Marketplace, Locations, Tellme, Zune, Maps etc..) require a hardware check on Microsoft’s servers to prevent piracy. This security check is part of the PVK (Private Key) system and is part of every WP7 hardware device. A unique ID is given to every handset during the manufacturing process and is routinely checked by Microsoft’s authentications servers. If the ID check fails the device will display the message seen in the screenshot above.

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