Palm Pixi announced, shown on video. Does it suck….?

It’s all about the low-end devices lately. After HTC’s newly announced Touch 2 and Tattoo it’s time for Palm to unveil their entry level WebOS smartphone, the Pixi. What can I say… lets see, WebOS (great) it’s got a tiny 2.63″ 320×400 capacitive touch screen (geat resolution but too small), Qwerty keyboard (good) 8Gb of internal memory(great), Qualcomm MSM 7627 Chipset (what !? So the Pre has a Cortex8 cpu + OGL ES 2.0 gpu and this thing has an old as hell ARM11+OGL ES 1.0 GPU? way to go Palm!), 2Mpx fixed focus camera with led flash (bad) and finally I kept the best for the end…..NO WIFI! Oh well , at least it looks cute and is really light & thin…It will be exclusive to Sprint and should be available for in time for Christmas (around $99).
Check out the hands on action here.

Source: Engadget