Project Pink: A Microsoft branded phone? Maybe not

The front and the back of the de device don't line up?

The front and the back othe de device don't line up?

You have probably seen lots of talk regarding Microsoft’s project Pink yesterday thanks ot a post on apple fan site 9to5mac. I didn’t post about it, cause, frankly, I don’t know what to think about all of this. Is Microsoft going to launch MS branded phones? Is Pink only a multimedia centric software service (slapped on top of WM7) ? In my opinion, given what we already know about Windows Mobile 7 and what Microsoft has said several times about their future mobile strategy (see Microsoft’s E&D President, Robie Bach, here and this video) the last guess is more realistic. Even if an MS branded phone isn’t produced directly by Redmond the public perception would be that Microsoft is releasing a phone (the public doesn’t care if there’s a ODM/OEM etc) and this will only piss of HTC/Samsung/LG etc and go against what MS has been saying the past months.
My¬†guess (and I’m probably totally wrong, so don’t come back and flame me in a few months please;) is that Pink is a UI/Multimedia centric Software/service slapped on top of Windows Mobile (7?) and will probably ship on high-end devices from HTC/Samsung/LG etc with some sort of PMX (Premium Mobile Experience) Logo/tag slapped on the phone. People are also probably confusing target prototypes build by MS to show off the project to mobile operators and OEM/ODMs with so-called MS branded phones.

Remember before the Origami project was unveiled everybody thought that Microsoft was building¬†some sort of Xbox portable device. And it turned out that all they did was build target prototypes, did some promo videos with those prototypes (which then leaked on the web and started to fill the buzz about an imminent xbox protable device) to sell the project to OEM (like Asus/Samsung) who then came out with the UMPCs. I’m guessing that the same is happening here. But again, I’m probably totally wrong here.

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