First Windows Phone 7 handset from Samsung shown at MIX10

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore unveiled Samsung’s first Windows Phone 7 Series handset during one of his MIX10 session a few hours ago. As you can see in the video, the phone physically looks nearly identical to the OmniaHD released more than a year ago and seems to feature the same 8Mpix camera (capable of 720P encoding). Hopefully this one also packs Samsung’s new SuperAMOLED screen. Engadget posted some new pitures of the 2 WP7 handsets:

Source: WindowsPhoneForum

Video of Opera Mobile 10 on the Samsung OmniaHD

Here’s a video of the newly released Opera Mobile 10 beta running on Samsung‘s highend Symbian smartphone the OmniaHD. Everything seems to be working perfectly fine, panning and scrolling is smooth:

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Samsung’s application store available for the Omnia and Omnia HD

Samsung has officially launched their application store today on 2 phones, the Windows Mobile Omnia (I900) and the Symbian S60 OmniaHD (i9000). According to Samsung there should be around 300 apps already available now.

A new on-device application store is now available in the UK, France and Italy, with more than 30 countries including
Germany and Spain to follow. Initially, the store will be accessible to Omnia users and later to other models such as
Omnia II (Model Name: I8000) and OmniaLITE (Model Name: B7300) users.

The Samsung Application Store allow users to browse a variety of applications including games, references, social
networking services, e-books and health-related tools (e.g pedometer, eyesight test, etc) that are easily downloaded with
one click.

Head over here to download the files.

Windows Mobile 6.5 user will also have the Windows Marketplace for Mobile on October 6.

Source: Samsung