HTC Bravo / Passion Divx support to be enabled by Nextreaming Player ?

You probably already know by now that the HTC Bravo / Passion (or Nexus One, whatever you want to call it) is rumored to natively support DivX decoding unlike any other HTC device. Well here’s my speculation; my guess is that this will probably enabled by the Nextreaming NexPlayer for Android (licensed by HTC?) which has recently (Nov 9th) passed DivX certification and now officialy supports Qualcomm’s SnapDragon Chipset:

NexPlayer™ is now successfully ported and optimized for the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ platform, including also DivX™ as required for the DivX™ certification. Nextreaming’s DivX™ 4/5/6 decoder, highly optimized for the ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor with NEON™ technology, brings the cutting-edge performances and video experience to the end users. Nextreaming supports also DivX DRM and subtitles (.srt) required for the DivX Mobile Theater Profile.

“We are pleased to announce DivX™ support at NexPlayer™ optimized for Qualcomm Snapdragon™” said Dr. Il-Taek Lim, CEO of Nextreaming. “Our media player is being used by the most important mobile device manufacturers worldwide; we are committed to providing them with the latest technology. With this announcement, we enforce our competitiveness in a popular platform such as Qualcomm Snapdragon™ and we help our customers to prepare attractive devices according to the strong trend of Mobile and Internet convergence. Moreover, the use of internal hardware accelerators in the Qualcomm chipset can make NexPlayer™ more optimized. We will keep updating NexPlayer™ with this aim continuously” he added.

NexPlayer is also the multimedia player licensed by Samsung on all their latest smartphones like the Omnia II, OmniaLite, Omnia Pro , Samsung Jet etc..

Source: Nextreaming

Microsoft getting ready to launch a global music service

The Register is reporting that Microsoft recently told mobile operators that they can no longer use the MusicWave service once their contracts expire (MS acquired MusicWave in November 2007). After announcing that they are going to launch a new music streaming service similar to Spotify before the end of the year, rumors about Project Omni and the new Zune marketplace, this looks like the last move before Redmond enter the music business outside of the US (and Canada). I’ve also heard whispers about the announcement of Zune integration into WM6.5 at PDC09 in november. With Pink and Windows Mobile 7 on the horizon, Microsoft seems to be really busy now..

Source: The Register