Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011 support coming to Windows Phone 7

Nothing is official yet but according to who attended the SMB Nation conference in Las Vegas last week, Microsoft’s VP of US Small and Medium Business & Distribution, Cindy Bates, demonstrated the forthcoming integration of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Online 2011 with Windows Phone 7:

Microsoft aggressively pitched Microsoft CRM Online. Bates says CRM is Microsoft’s fastest-growing business application. Microsoft previewed some forthcoming CRM Online 2011 enhancements, including integration with Windows Phone 7.
The unspoken message: Microsoft will link its CRM cloud strategy the Windows Phone 7 mobile launch in a bid to compete more aggressively against and NetSuite.

This will probably be similar to the way SharePoint is currently integrated in WP7 but given that nothing has bee said about it yet I would guess that this features probably won’t be released before the end of the year (unless it is offered as a downloadble application in the Marketplace).

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Windows Phone 7 Emails, Calendar & Events Schedules integration in Outlook

Here’s the latest walktrough video posted by Microsoft on the Windows Phone 7 Backstage website. This one shows the Email, Calendar and Events intergration in Outlook mobile in Windows Phone 7. You can also see some Powerpoint éditing in there too.

Source: Microsoft Backstage

Windows Phone 7 Office Hub Video

Microsoft has posted a new video domonstrating the new Office Hub included in Windows Phone 7. The version shown in the video is obviously a new build compared to the one availalbe in the WP7 CTP emulator currently available.

See how the Windows Phone 7 Office hub gives quick access to docs on SharePoint for dynamic document sharing, editing, and uploading.

Source: Microsoft Backstage (registration required,so I uploaded the video to YouTube)