Nokia Backtracks on Windows 8 tablet comment

Remember all the Nokia Windows 8 tablet headlines earlier this week ? The claim that the company will have one ready in Juin 2012 ? You may have noticed that I didn’t post about it simply because I don’t put too much faith into what local directors claims especially when it comes to such matters (unannounced products. Unsurprisingly the same Paul Amsellem backtracked on his previous claim in a newer interview this time with French newspaper 20 Minutes (check their Windows Phone 7 app in action here):

Les Echos écrivaient mardi, en vous citant, Paul Amsellem, que vous préparez une tablette sous Windows 8 pour l’année prochaine. Pouvez-vous nous en dire plus?
Paul Amsellem : Je n’ai pas de confirmation, donc pas de commentaires.
Q: Your were quoted by Les Echos on Tuesday saying that Nokia would have a Windows 8 tablet ready next year. Can you tell us more?

A: I don’t have any confirmation, so no comment.

So, he can’t confirm something he stated as a fact earlier and doesn’t have any comment. Sounds like he was originally make things up… Nice PR there. There you have thought….nothing new under the sun.

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