HTC HD2 launching March 24 in the US

According to a leaked T-MobileUS slide the HTC HD2is set to be launched on March 24th (along side the Motorola Zeppelin/ CLIQ XT & HTC MyTouch Fender edition the same month). Given the late release date and the probable announcement of Windows Mobile 7 in the coming weeks do you think that HTC will provide a WM7 update for the device later this year?

Source: PPCGeeks via TMOnews

8 HTC smartphones launching on T-Mobile US in 2010

According to a tip received by BoyGenuisReport T-Mobile US is set to launch 8 HTC handsets in 2010. We already know about the HTC HD2 launching this spring and the MyTouch Fender edition, the source also said that half of the phone will be Windows Mobile based (the other half bieng Android). Those WinMo phones will probably include the HTC Trophy and Photon.

Source: BGR