Texas Instrument wants to enter the Windows Phone 7 party

As you probably already know Microsoft has currently only certified one chipset manufacturer for Windows Phone 7  (Qualcomm) and only one SoC model is being used in the first batch of WP7 devices: the QSD8250 Snapdragon. The company has previously announced that this was meant to change in the future but so far nothing new has been said on the this subject. Microsoft’s decision to go with only one chipset manufacturer is obviously a good thing when it comes to hardware and software compatibility between all WP7 devices. It’s because of this that Microsoft was able to pump out one of the smoothest and snappiest OS (and UX) this fall.But as it is always the case in technology, things evolve quickly and MS will now have to start supporting Qualcomm’s newest chipsets ( like the ones found on HTC’s latest Android devices; MSM8x55, MSM7X30) and because OEMs don’t like to be controlled that way Microsoft will also have to decide whether they certify other Chipset Manufacturers or not. For example, even-thought Samsung builds its own mobile SoCs (like the Hummingbird found in the Galaxy S) they were”forced” to use Qualcomm’s QSD82500 on their WP7 devices (Focus and Omnia 7). Texas Instrument, makers of the TI OMAP line of mobiles SOC found in several high profile mobile phones (principally Motorola’s stuff lately) has recently expressed its desire to get into the Windows Phone 7 party:

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