Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 Froyo JPA build software tour

I’ve shot a fairly long video demonstrating the latest official Android 2.2 Froyo firmware of the Samsung Galaxy S which is the JPA buildĀ ( a newer one has apparently leak today,the JPU build but has exactly the same Kernel). The main purpose of this video is just to show you how snappy the performance is without any Lag Fix or any other modification installed on the Phone. Samsung has definitely done a good job here and the device feels better to use compared to the original 2.1 rom (and especially the JP6 build that was later taken down). Interestingly the Six Axis Mention sensing capability of the device is now perfectly functional in Google Maps when using the Street View features (it seemed totaly broken on the JP6 build). For those who didn’t know, the Samsung Galaxy S devices have two 3 axis sensors: A SMB380 tri-axial low-gravity acceleration sensor from Bosch and an MS-3C Magnetic field Sensor by Yamaha. When you combine both sensors together you get similar results to a real 3 axis Gyroscope (but not as accurate thought). Anyway, check out the video after the break (I’m really sorry for my crappy voiceover this time, but it was relatively late when I shot the video and had to lower my voice quite a bit):

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