Motorola Shadows shows up at the Gym and on a Verizon flyer?

Did the rumored 4.3″ screen monster know as the Motorola Shadow get lost at the gym last night? This is what Gizmodo is reporting. Both devices look nearly identical (the one on the right is supposedly a Verizon flyer) and it can only be assumed that the handset is now on the way to be introduced to the world. A quick recap about the Shadow specifications: It supposedly has a 4.3″ screen like the HTC HD2 and HTC EVO 4G, and HDMI output, 720P recoding capabilities and a 8Mpix with dual-led flash, all running on Android.

Source: Gizmodo and Howardforums

Motorola Shadow MB810 gets Wifi certification and live pictures

It’s been a while since we heard about the Motorola Shadow (MB810) but things are about to change shortly. The Shadow has now been WiFi certified on Arpil 29 and two mysterious live pictures have popped up today. The one on the top shows the micro USB, mini-HDMI connectors while the second image shows the HD capable 8Mpix camera with Dual-LED flash. Everything else about the handset is still rumors. People are claiming that it supposedly has a 4.3inch touchscreen c and that it will be the first Android Froyo handset (to be unveiled next month at Google I/O). Lets wait and see…

Source: WiFi certification, Amelo.jb , LapTopMemo

Motorola Shadow render?

This one doesn’t look like the one we saw a couple days ago and may be a fake render. Assuming this is a real design nobody knows if it’s running Android or Windows Mobile.


?????Droid/Milestone(????) ????????????.

*Nexus 2?????..??????????


It looks like now MOTO industrial design departments each other up.

Completely different from the Droid/Milestone metal cold black fuselage
The fashion Edition of Droid/Milestone (there ‘s) use of color and design to appeared quite daring.
Qwerty keyboard layout. redesigned and original Milestone on the jaw is much demonstration >>> ceiling decoration hole.
I hear the same specifications to Droid/Milestone.
Looks very charming .. Many of these cases do you think?

* There is a Nexus 2 keyboard .. This will be the one you image?

Source: Mobile01 via Engadget

Motorola Shadow / Mirage: Android or Windows Mobile ?

A recent render of a supposedly new Motorola smartphone named Motorola Shadow / Mirage has been leaked yesterday. According to the leaker it’s not known yet if the device will run Windows Mobile or Android. The Shadow is said to feature an 8Mpix camera, HDMI port, 1080p encoding a 4.3″ FWVGA (854×480) touchscreen and is only 9mm thick. What do you guys think; Android or WinMo (if it’s WM, with those specs it can only be Windows Mobile 7, especialy given that Moto skipped WM6.5 and will only develope WM7 devices)?

Source: Mobile01 via Engadget