Adobe Reader for Android released

Adobe has just released a official PDF reader for Android today that can be download for free on the Android Market. No big news here given that all Android handsets sold by HTC come with the same application (although this one seems to be updated with a new UI layout) but many Android user with Motorola Droid and Nexus Ones can now finally access pdf docs on their handsets. The Adobe Reader is only compatible with Android 2.1. Check out the video below:
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Motorola Droid to receive Android 2.2 Froyo update in the near future

This shouldn’t come as a surprise but it’s always good to have an officialy  confirmation coming out of the company. SlashGear has contacted Motorola and asked them whether (and when) the Motorola Droid will get the Android 2.2 update. Here’s what Motorola answered:

“We’re excited to see Google’s news of the next version of the Android operating system and look forward to integrating it on our Android-based devices as it’s made available to the open source community.”

While I can’t comment on specifics, we do expect DROID by Motorola users will receive Android 2.2 as a software upgrade in the near future.”

So Motorola is basically waiting for Google to release Froyo to the open source community (and OEMs..). It is expected to happen in the coming weeks according to a Tweet from Google 2 days ago.

Source: Slashgear

Adobe provides list of showcase websites to test Flash 10.1 on Android

Adobe has just made available a list of Flash enabled websites that users can test on the Android handsets once they have installed the first public version of the Flash 10.1 plugin that will supposedly be showcased(an released) tomorrow during Google I/O alongside Froyo aka Android 2.2. The war against Apple has just begun and hopefully Adobe doesn’t screw this one up with a buggy plugin…Check out the dedicated website here. Here’s a video of the plugin in action on a Nexus One and Froyo in case you missed it last week.

Source: Adobe

Flash 10.1 for Android to be released next week at Google I/O

Those who are waiting patiently for Flash 10.1 for their mobile device (mainly Android) should be happy to know that the first public version should be released next week duing Google I/O’s event (May 19-20). according to Adobe’s Platform Evangelist Ryan Stewart. The other good news is that the plug-in apparently works quite well: just check out the video of his Nexus One running the latset version of the plug-in ruuning on Android Froyo:

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Android 2.1 for the Motorola Droid Manual Update Intructions

Motorola Droid & Milestone users a probably well aware of the Android 2.1 update that is being pushed out OTA since March 30th. Those who have problems with the OTA system or prefer to do it all manually can grab the update directly from Google and copy it on their Droid micro-sd card, reboot to the recovery mode screen and follow the instructions from there.


– Download the update package from here. Don’t unzip it! If your browser automatically unzips things (like Safari on Mac, for example), use a different browser. It MUST stay zipped.
- Rename the file from to If you’re using an OS that doesn’t show the .zip extension, just rename it “update” — otherwise it’ll be called “” and won’t work.
- Take the microSD card from your phone, plug it into a microSD card reader.
- Drag and drop the “” file into the main folder (otherwise known as the root folder) of your microSD card. Don’t go looking for a folder called “main” or “root” – we’re referring to the folder on your microSD card that holds all the other folders.
- Turn your Droid off, and put the microSD card back in.
- Hold down the letter “X” on the keyboard. While still holding it, turn your Droid back on. You should see an exclamation point icon appear on your screen.
- Push the volume up button and the camera button at the exact same time. If nothing happens, do it again. When you get to the bootloader screen, you know it worked. (Some folks are reporting that you need to hold the volume up button and then tap the camera button right after. It’s a bit tricky, but it’ll work eventually.)
- Use the d-pad to navigate to the “apply:” option, and choose the file you just dragged onto your microSD card.

Update info

- Pinch-to-zoom is now available when using the browser, Gallery, and Google Maps.
- New Weather and News application plus widget.
- The Weather and News app pulls the information you want from the Web and brings it to your fingertips. You get weekly and hourly weather forecasts based on your location, and news headlines.
- New support for voice-to-text entry.
- Whenever a text-entry box appears, simply tap the microphone icon on the virtual keyboard and speak.
- New Gallery application with 3D layout. View and share photos taken with your phone and images from your online Picasa Web albums.
- Live Wallpapers offer richer animated, interactive backgrounds on the home screen. Access them with a long press anywhere on the home screen. Tap Wallpapers, then Live Wallpapers.
- Free Yahoo! Mail is now supported—simply sign in with your Yahoo! email address and password.
- Google Maps update.
- Personalized suggestions and synchronized starring with desktop
- Starred items are stored and synced automatically between Google Maps on your device and on your computer, making it easy to search for places you’ve searched for before.
- New night mode in Google Maps Navigation automatically changes the screen at night for easier viewing.
- Improved pattern-lock functionality.
- Improved handset audio when disconnecting a wired headset.

Source: Google via MobileCrunch

HTC HD2 vs Motorola Droid video

The boys at WireFly posted 15 minutes long HTC HD2 vs Motorola Droid video. You can also check out the HD2 vs Nexus One video here.

Android 2.1 for Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Eris leaked

If you are adventurous enough and not afraid of bricking your Motorola Droid or HTC Droid Eris today is you day. The Android 2.1 roms for the Droid & Droid Eris have been leaked to the web today and can be grabbed here & here for the Droid and here for the Droid Eris. The official date of Verizon OTA update is still k not know thought.

Via: Droid Life & XDA

Motorola details Android 2.1 Droid update

Motorola has just posted the full details of the upcoming Android 2.1 update for the Droid and frankly it looks pretty awesmoe. Lets hope that Microsoft takes notice and that Windows Mobile 7 will feature similar & frequent OTA updates:

Voice Recognition for Virtual Keyboard Voice Recognition: You can now speak in plain English instead of typing, whenever a text-entry box appears on your Android device. Simply swipe your finger across the virtual keyboard and dictate your phrase.  

Virtual Keyboard Enhancements: The fully integrated, enlarged virtual keyboard allows for easier and more accurate manual entries as well.  Also included are auto-complete/correct.

 3D Gallery 3D Gallery offers a whole new way to enjoy your phone’s multimedia features.  With 3D gallery, all of your photos, videos, album art and images from your Picasa Web albums account online are displayed in three-dimensional stacks that gently move as the phone is tilted.  Scrolling through and choosing media has never been easier.  With 3D gallery simply use your finger to scroll through thumbnail versions of all your photos, videos and albums – and when you find one you want – simply tap the image to select it for viewing or playback. You can share pics individually or in bulk (by long-pressing a photo) on Facebook, Email, or MMS.
 Pinch-to-Zoom Enjoy pinch-to-zoom functionality for web browsing, plus the Gallery and Maps applications
News and Weather App and Widget
The News and Weather app pulls information from the web and brings it to your fingertips. Weekly and hourly weather forecast for your area based on your location and it pulls news headlines on the topics you care about most.
Google Maps Updates Sync with desktop: synchronizes starred items between Google Maps on your Android device and

Personalized suggestions: Google Maps on your Android device suggests (autocompletes) locations based on your personal search history on

Night mode: automatically changes your screen at night for easier viewing and driving

NOTE: Sync feature requires user to be logged in to myGoogle account while on

Enhanced Music Application  New tabs at the top of your music player for easier access and navigation to your favorite artist, songs, albums and playlists.
Google Goggles App Google Goggles App allows you to snap a picture to start a Google search. It can also ”read” photos of business cards and add them to your contacts.  Even cooler is its built-in augmented reality feature that displays information about things, like stores and restaurants, around you.
Other Enhancements       Security: Prevents unauthorized pattern lock bypass

Yahoo email:  Yahoo email new accounts setup optimizations

Battery life: ongoing battery life optimization

Source: Motorola

Motorola Droid Android 2.1 update coming this week

Here’s some unexpected good news folks. According to Motorola‘s Facebook page the Android 2.1 update for the Droid that we talked about earlier today is going to be pushed out this week!

Hi all– we know you are frustrated with the lack of details regarding Android software upgrades and we sincerely apologize for not being able to share info sooner. We’re happy to relay the 2.1 upgrade to DROID will start to roll out this week, and we will have more information to share on other device upgrades later …this week as well. Thanks for your patience and continued support.

Source: Motorola

Android 2.1 coming to the Motorola Droid

Engadget got the inside scoop on the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid. Unfortunately there’s no info on the release date of this update but hopefully it’s only a matter of weeks not months. Here’s what’s new:

  • It’s based on Android 2.1. The build currently being circulated is identified as 2.1 version 1, mirroring the update just pushed to the Nexus One last week.
  • Google Gogglesis now pre-installed (no matter how unhelpful it may be).
  • The browser’s now multitouch enabled, just like Google Maps 3.4. Huzzah! No Flash, but then again, we weren’t really expecting that.
  • Interestingly, the home screen’s still got the same look as 2.0.1, meaning it doesn’t adopt the Nexus One’s rotating 3D grid of app icons — it’s still got the pull-up drawer tab at the bottom.
  • No active wallpapers. Bummer!
  • The news and weather widgets introduced on the Nexus One are included. Maybe certain capabilities of 2.1 are going to be restricted to devices with minimum performance benchmarks?
  • Source: Engadget

    Latest version of Google Maps adds pinch-to-zoom on the Motorola Droid

    Looks like Google is finally ready to enable multi-touch support in all of its native Android application now that Steve Jobs has openly called them out a few days ago (According to him Google’s “Do no Evil” motto is BS..). The latest version of Google Maps (3.4.0) for Android enables pinch-to-zoom on the Motorola Droid. It’s not known yet if this new version enables this feature on other Android handsets. Hopefully all Android phones will receive an update similar to the one the Nexus One got a few days ago.

    Overclocking the Motorla Droid

    If you don’t have anything better to do and have a Motorola Droid just head over to the Alldroid forums to see how some folks have overclocked the TI-OMAP 3430 up to 1,3Ghz. You’ll first have to root your handset (it will void you warranty) then flash a new modified firmware. Beware though,overclocking the device could damage it and you’ll find yourself with a nice (hot) little brick. Head over here for all the info. I’ve seen a couple of comment on twitter and some other forums claiming that this is some kind of “amazing” stuff. Guess that they forgot (or just didn’t know) that users have been overclocking WinMo/PocketPC handsets for nearly 10 years now…

    Source: AllDroidForum

    Google Nexus One vs Motorola Droid video

    Here’s quick video comparison of the Google Nexus one and the Motorola Droid. Obviously there’s nothing really exciting other than the fact that the Nexus one is a bit faster than the Droid thanks to the faster processor (and the 512Mb of RAM). Remember that the Droid will receive an upgrade to Android 2.1pretty soon so all you Moto fans should be happy.

    Source: YouTube via Solopalmari

    Motorola BACKFLIP announced, previous Motorola handsets to get Android 2.1 and Flash 10.1 update

    Motorola’s CEO officialy announced the Motorola BACKFLIP (Motus) Android smartphone yeasterday during his CES presentation (the device will probably part of AT&T’s Android line-up) and also said that the Motorola Droid and CLIQ will be updated to Android 2.1 and receive the Flash 10.1 plugin in the near futur.

    The BACKFLIP has basically the same specifications has the CLIQ and aruns the Same BLUR UI (unlike the Droid). THe only major change is the weird backflipping keyboard.

    Here are the specs:

    Talk and Standby Time2 Up to 6 hours /Up to 315 hours
    Bands/Modes WCDMA 850/1900/2100,
    GSM 850/900/1800/1900, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
    (Category 7/8), EDGE Class 12, GPRS
    Class 12, aGPS, Version 2.0, 802.11b
    Weight 133.00 g/4.7 oz
    Dimensions 53.00 (x) 108.00 (y) 15.30 (z)
    Size 80.7 cc
    OS Android 1.5
    Battery 1400 mAh
    Connectivity 3.5mm headset jack, , USB 2.0 High Speed, BT Class 2.0, version 2.0 and 802.11 b/g 
    Display 3.1” 320 x 480 256k TFT
    Messaging/Web/Apps MMS, SMS, e-mail (POP3/IMAP embedded, corporate e-mail synch, Push Gmail) IM (Embedded – WVIM), OW 4.1 (WAP 1.2.1)
    Audio AAC, AAC+, MIDI, MP3, WAV
    Video Capture/playback/streaming, H.263, H.264, MPEG4
    Camera 5 megapixel, auto-focus, LED
    Browser Full HTML browser, Android Webkit
    Memory 2GB included up to 32GB supported1
    Chipset 7200A
    Form Factor Reverse QWERTY flip
    Antenna Internal


    Source: Motorola

    Multi-Touch enabled Motorola Milestone browser ported to the Droid

    Here’s some good news for all you Motorola Droid lovers; the multi-touch enabled browser of the Motorola Milestone (the european version of the Droid) has been extracted and ported to the Droid as you can see in the following video:

    Your device must me rooted first:

    - Do a nandroid backup or whatever to back up the files (Browser.apk and Browser.odex) you’ll be patching (ps: I’m not responsible for you screwing up your phone)
    - Remount /system to RW (mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock4 /system)
    - Delete /system/app/Browser.odex
    - Extract the zip file somewhere on your computer
    - adb push /system/lib
    - adb push Browser.apk /system/app/Browser.apk
    - Profit!

    Head over here to grab the files

    Source: alldroid forums

    Swype keyboard for Android leaked

    The Android version of Swype has been leaked a few days ago so all you Android user can now get a taste of it. Unfortunately this beta version will only work on the Motorola Droid (the only FWVGA 854×480) device out there:

    1.Download and install the Astro file manager from the Android Marketplace
    2.Download this zip file
    3.Unzip that file, which will give you a file called “[mfhs]Swype-SwypeReference-WVGA854-trial-release.0.35.3959.apk”
    4.Copy the APK file to your handset’s SD card
    5.On your Android handset, go to Settings > Applications > and check the box next to Unknown Sources
    6.Use Astro to browse for the apk file on your SD card, install it.
    7.Go to Settings > Language and Keyboard. Enable the Swype keyboard.
    8.You should now be able to switch between the standard keyboard and the Swype keyboard by tapping-and-holding on any text input field.

    You can grab the Windows Mobile version here
    Source: via MobileCrunch

    Verizon Motorola Droid 2.0.1 update available now

    For those who missed the “big” news, Verizon started pushing the Android 2.0.1 (AP:ESD56/BP:C_01.3E.01P) update to the Motorola Droid yesterday. The following enhancements to the Droid have been made:

    - OS stability is improved.
    - Battery life is improved.
    - Camera auto focus functionality is improved, and time between
    shots is reduced.
    - Enhancements for three-way calling.
    - Audio for incoming calls is improved.
    - When receiving a call on call waiting, the speakerphone now
    remains on.
    - Bluetooth® functionality is improved; background echo is eliminated.
    - Improved Bluetooth phone book transfer of contacts to in-vehicle
    - Bluetooth solutions.
    - After closing a GPS application, the GPS icon will now automatically
    be removed from the notification panel.
    - Users can now receive SMS and MMS messages after an EMS
    message is received.
    - SMS and MMS may now be sent to seven-digit addresses.
    - Google® contact merging has been updated to accommodate
    seven-digit numbers.
    - Visual Voice Mail notices now arrive instantaneously.
    - The corporate calendar widget user interface is updated.

    For upgrade instructions click here

    Motorola Shole Tablet live pictures

    Thanks to Chinese website we now have full blown pictures of the Motorola Sholes Tablet we have seen two days ago. Contrary to what we thought the device only sports a 5Mpix camre (8Mpix was the rumor). The design doesn’t really look atractive (thankfully the specs are great).

    Source: via Engadget

    Motorola Sholes Tablet to have HDMI out ?

    The long rumored Motorola Sholes Tablet is just around the corner if the picture above is to be believed. The device seems to feature an HDMI port to output videos to an HDTV. The Sholes tablet is supposedly a Motorola Droid withouth the keyboard but a 8Mpix camera that can capture 720p videos (compared to the 5mpix on the Droid). The Chipset is rumored to be the same TI OMAP3430 clocked at 550Mhz.

    Source: Mobile01 via BGR