Nokia & Intel announce MeeGo Mobile OS

Nokia and Intel have just announced that the Maemo and Moblin OS are now merging and becomming MeeGo. The keynote is still underway so I will post more about that later on. You can now go to to get some more information. Release date is set at Q2 2010. Qt will be used to develop on Meego.

Intel Moorestown powered LG GW990 unveiled

Here’s what looks like one of the most interesting devices unveiled at this years CES. The LG GW990 unlike the majority of smartphone/MID isn’t powered by an ARM processor but by an Intel Moorestown (X86) CPU running the Moblin Linux OS. The GW990 is choke-full of hardware goodness:

- Intel Moorestown CPU
-16Gb of internal memoy
- 512 Mb of Ram
- 4.8inch 1020×480 capacitive touchscreen
- HDMI output
- MicroSD card slot
- 1850mha battery
- 5 mpix camera with led flash
- Wifi, BT, aGPS etc..

THe GW990 also pocks LG’s S-Class UI as you can see in the video below:

Source: Engadget