Foursquare and Seesmic released on Windows Phone 7

Two of the most anticipated social apps have now been released on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. I’m talking about Foursquare and Seesmic. Both applications are obviously free of charge and can be downloaded on any WP7 device. The Foursquare application seems to feature everything you can expect to find in it but Seemsic apparently still lacks Push Notifications and Landscape support (but obviously includes full Twitter and Facebook integration). Interestingly it seems that a lot of developers are rushing their applications out of the gate to be among the first in the Marketplace which means that you will  encounter a couple of “unfished” apps at first. I’m also currently thinking about what to do with the release of the MobileTechWorld Windows Phone 7  application. There are stilll a few features that I haven’t implemented yet so I’m debating whether I should release it now and update it later or wait untill I’m feature complete before submitting the application.

Messenger and MSN applications coming to Windows Phone 7

UK Blogger Michael Gillet sat down with Microsoft UK’s head of marketing for Windows Phone 7, Oled Ran who showed him a demo of an unannounced MSN application that apparently works as an advanced RSS reader for the MSN news services (and lets you stream video through it). Interestingly,Oled also told him and Sony Ericsson is currently working on at least one Windows phone 7 handset. You probably remember that SE announced last week that their main focus will be on Android but that WP7 was still on their road-map so it’s good to have a confirmation coming from Microsoft’s side.

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Don’t forget to vote for MobileTechWorld!

Let’s try to hit 100! As you already know the MobileTechWorld application entered the Windows Phone 7 developer contest currently underway and which will end on October 7th in the presence of Steve Ballmer. Tons of applications have already been submitted (I talked about several of them already here) and many are still being submitted everyday. So I’m asking you folks to vote for it so it can released reach the 100 mark (and also vote for any other application that you like!). Both videos of the application have already reach nearly 2000 views on YouTube but the voting process is so unfriendly that the vast majority just don’t take the time to for the applications once they hit the FaceBook page. To register a vote you’ll have to be loged-into Facebook then like the Microsoft Developer account (then refresh the page) and finally like the video.

It’s only a few clicks away and many of the developers are waiting for your votes! Please >> Click Here <<

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Windows Phone 7: It’s only the beginning

It has been a relatively slow news week (besides the flood of Samsung Galaxy Tab news and previews) so I going to share with you some thoughts about Windows Phone 7 now and what we can expect in the near future. I obviously can’t talk about everything but I won’t be too cryptic so you’ll hopefully get what I’m talking about.

First off you all already know that Microsoft has been handing out development handsets to third-party developers (the LG GW910 and Samsung Taylor) and that those handsets are all under NDA (you are not allowed to film them and post videos on the net) this is principally why you didn’t see me link to some videos lately. You also probably didn’t miss the fact that I’ve started developing Windows Phone 7 applications. Microsoft is kind enough to help me out with this by letting me work with real handsets once a week and sometimes get a glimpse at things that are yet unannounced. I greatly value this developer relationship and that’s why I’ll try to stick by the rules when it comes to this kind of stuff. (Microsoft basically doesn’t want to show the OS’s functionalities running on prototypes unless it’s them doing the demonstration).

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MobileTechWorld Windows Phone 7 Application Teaser

Here’s a short teaser video of the MobileTechWorld Windows Phone 7 Application I’ve been working on (you can vote for it >>HERE<< by Liking the video after Liking the MS Developeurs account (icon top left of the video that appears when you start playing it) and refreshing the page).  I have never coded anything in my life before so this is actually my very first application. I still have a couple of things that I have to implement before launching it in October. As you can see I tried to stay true to the Metro UI and used Panorama and Pivot Controls. I also had to build a video player (using MediaElement) to stream my videos directly to the handset etc.. Check it out after the break:

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