Nokia Lumia 900 to be announced on Monday headed to AT&T

But will it be released in Europe and Asia ? That’s the question on everybody’s lips especially those who are in Europe and didn’t already get a Lumia 800. According to the New York Times Microsoft and Nokia are set to unveil the 4.3inch handset on Monday during the already announced press event in Las Vegas. The same source are also claiming that the Nokia Lumia 900 is supposedly be a “sleek metallic Windows Phone”. Gone is the Polycarbonate? Anyway, it seems like AT&T is getting all the getting all the good stuff lately especially when it comes to Microsoft wares.

UPDATE: Bloomberg is also running the same story and adding that the Nokia Ace will support LTE.

Question to all you  Lumia 800 early adopters (like me): Will your regret your Lumia 800 purchase especially in the face of all the sever bugs and issues that have plagued the handset since it’s commercialization more than a month ago?

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Nokia Lumia 900 render revealed ?

What would be the last the of the year without a nice little leak and rumor? The latest is what looks like a render of the rumored Nokia Lumia 900 aka Nokia Ace that is said to be a bigger Lumia 800 (4.3″ screen) with a front facing camera and Qualcomm MDM9600 for LTE support on AT&T’s network (and a Gyroscope too). Last but not least us European are getting the shaft once again as this device (if it’s indeed real..) is apparently only going to be released in the US just like the Samsung Focus S. Lame, right? Anyway two more pictures after the break.

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Traces of LTE Nokia Lumia 800 found in diagnostic tools

Rumors of an AT&T bound LTE version of the Nokia Lumia 800 have been making the rounds lately even though the latest FCC filling was only for the “regular” US 3G version of the device (RM-819). Hidden menus found in the Nokia Diagnostic Tools finally confirm that Nokia and AT&T may be currently testing an LTE version of the handset. As you can see in the screenshot below LTE Bands 4 and 17 are supported and those are the ones owned by AT&T in the US.

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Windows Phone in 2012: Predictions and wishes

Time for me to share with you my 2012 Windows Phone predictions and wishes now that you are all probably enjoying your new Mango handsets (or 1st Gen phones running Mango..). Keep in mind that what I’m going to post bellow is nothing more than speculations on my part so don’t quote me on that (well unless it turns out to be true later down the road…). So let’s start with what I wish Microsoft fixes, adds in the coming months in Tango:

- Universal search (this one is most probably coming..)
- Fix the frame dropping video playback issue that I seem to be the only person on earth who has noticed it (was present on my HTC Titan sample and both my Lumia 800 which makes me believe that’s it’s a OS issue with the MSM8255)
- Release Skype and Photosynth for Windows Phone: The silence surrounding both apps is intriguing. I wouldn’t be surprised if both where directly integrated into the OS instead of released as third-party apps (wishful thinking..I know).
- Ability to delete more than one picture or video at a time in the pictures hub
- Basic photo editing (crop, rotate, re-size)
- Basic video editing functionality (this one will have to wait for Windows Phone 8 I guess)
- SMS / MMS Backup (looks like this one is in the works “Come join the Windows Phone Backup, Migrate, and Restore team. Our goal is to ensure that no matter if someone loses their phone, drops their phone in a lake, buys a new windows phone, or just has their toddler wipe their phone by entering the wrong PIN over and over, a user can quickly and seamlessly get their phone back to a good state. The features we are producing will be new for the next version of Windows Phone and will help ensure Microsoft stays ahead of the competition when it comes to disaster recovery.” )
- MMS videos!
- Ability to assign different ring tones to groups or individual contacts Totally forgot that this was already made available in Mango. sorry for that.

Now let’s talk about Windows Phone 8. It will be announced in 2012 but I’m not really confident that MWC is going to be the venue used by Microsoft to unveil it. As you have probably already heard Microsoft is no longer going to keynote at CES after 2012 and will instead have it’s own events to unveiled announce new products similar to what Apple has been doing lately after it dropped from the MacWorld Expo. This is why I’m thinking that Microsoft may only announce Tango during MWC this February and simple tease WP8 for a further announcement closer to the middle of the year. Here’s what I’m hoping for Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo:

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US Nokia Lumia 800 hits the FCC

The US version of the Nokia Lumia 800 has just passed the FCC certification today hinting at an imminent released in north America early next year. Don’t get too excited though as this is simply the same handset as the one currently available in Europe and Asia. The “original” version is the RM-801 and this one is the RM-819. The only difference being support for the WCDMA 850Mhz 3G band (AT&T) instead of 900MHz on the RM-801. Your dreams about the Nokia Lumia 900 or the LTE version of the Lumia 800 have yet to become reality..if ever… More to come on January 9th.

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Nokia CES press event announced: US Nokia Lumia phones expected

Nokia has just sent out the first invites for its CES events which will take place on January 9thin Las Vegas. Depending on who you want to believe we are either going to see the US version of the Nokia Lumia 800 with or without LTE and the unicorn handset aka the Nokia Lumia 900. In either cases let’s not waste any more time speculating and simply wait until the event takes place. Don’t forget that the Nokia Lumia 710 has already been announced on T-Mobile earlier this month and should be available in January.

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Windows Phone in 2012: What are you expecting ?

As you may have noticed interesting news stories have been non existent lately in the windows Phone world and given that I have less time to post I won’t bother posting about every single rumored sales statistics or other meaningless stuff. Unfortunately there’s isn’t much left to talk about now that we are nearing Christmas and the end of the year.

If you are a Nokia Lumia 800 owner I’m sure that you are eagerly waiting to the promised January Firmware update that should fix the battery issues (and hopefully this one included!) alongside other bugs and camera improvements. Speaking of the camera, Nokia’s Digital Imaging Guru Damian Dinning has once again tweeted that “improvements” are coming to the Lumia 800′s camera and noted that even though the hardware is the same as the Nokia N9 the “image processing is completely different”. Obvious given that the two handset have different OS’s and SoCs. It should also be noted the Lumia 800 (and 710) is Nokia’s first Qualcomm powered device so it’s normal that everything isn’t yet fully functional and bug free.

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Microsoft shakes up Windows Phone division

Steve Ballmer took the time today to announce to its troops that current Windows Phone Division president Andy Less will now have a new role at Microsoft and will be replaced by Terry Myerson who was already heading the divisions engineering team. I personally think that this is the right thing to do as I have always felt that Lees wasn’t really the guy for this division and more a Ballmer buddy who was put there back when Windows Mobile was on the brink of death. Now that Windows Phone 7 is out and well (sales will come later..well, unless Nokia continues to ship buggy devices worldwide) it was time to put somebody who knows what he’s talking about in charge what is seen as one of the company’s most critical asset. As a matter of fact Andy has now a new undisclosed role at Microsoft (reporting directly to Ballmer as usual) which will be a “time-critical opportunity focused on driving maximum impact in 2012 with Windows Phone and Windows 8″ Whatever that means it sure looks like what I’ve been speculating all along and here (Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 sharing the same kernel) may be close to the reality.

Check out Steve Ballmer’s full email after the break:

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Nokia Lumia 900 rumor

Another day goes by and another rumor is sees the light of the day. This time it’s the return of the mythical Nokia Ace now dubbed the Nokia Lumia 900 which is said to be nothing more than a Lumia 800 with a 4.3″ screen (CBD AMOLED) instead of 3.7″ and only US bound (early 2012) and will be running Windows Phone Tango. Chances of this being true ? I don’t know but let’s thinker a bit here… a 4.3″ WVGA AMOLED display would look like crap unless it’s has an RGB matrix which is currently exclusive to Samsung in the form of the Super AMOLED Plus panel used on the Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Focus S. Now, given that Samsung is also the manufacturer of the AMOLED panels on Nokia’s devices it’s safe to assume that this rumored Nokia Lumia 900 sports a PenTile Matrix panel. But why wouldn’t it have an RGB panel you say? Well like I said; Samsung is keeping it to themselves for now on (it’s one of the main selling feature for their SII and Focus S phones) and even Motorola got handed a crappy 4.3″ QHD PenTile panel for their top of the line Razr handset.

More surprising things have happened before so maybe this Nokia Lumia 900 is indeed coming soon with a super amazing AMOLED panel or maybe not. Where’s my salt?

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Windows Phone 8 Apollo coming mid 2012 ?

Grab some tissues and a pinch of salt! According to a Nokia VP Michael Halbherr, Executive VP present at Nokia World in London Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo will launch in mid- 2012. That’s nearly 6 months earlier than what everybody else was expecting. Nokia is rightfully pushing Microsoft to include NFC support in it and full integration of Nokia’s Navteq mapping assets. Once again, treat this as a rumor but things may be getting a little more interesting than expected in the coming months unless this VP is confusing Tango with Apollo.

UPDATE: As I expcted that Nokia VP was on something nasty…the original story was updated with a note saying that the “timing was inaccurate” sh@t Sherlock? Back to our regular news/rumors/nonsense schedule… Apollo = Late 2012 Tango = mid 2012. Mark my words…
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Windows Phone 7 applications and games show up in the Windows 8 store

Here’s something interesting that just popped up during the Build Keynote and sort of confirms what we have been recently hearing: Windows Phone 7 applications may be compatible with Windows 8 (and here). As you can see in the screenshot above several Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live games are listed in the games section: Tentacles, Parachute Panic, Geo Defense etc… It is still not know if this is really going to be the case or if only a simple recompile will get WP7 apps and games to run Windows 8.

Edit: An on stage demo just showed how easy it is to develop the same app on Windows 8 and Windows Phone:

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Microsoft’s first Windows 8 tablet from Samsung

Microsoft is expected to give away a Samsung slate tablet to all registered developers attending the Build conference in LA today. From the looks of it the device is either the recently unveiled Samsung Slate PC Series 7 (powered by an X86 intel i5) or a ARM version of it powered by NVIDIA Kel-El quad-core CortexA9 SoC. In either cases we will know more about it in the coming hours. For more Windows 8 info check out my recent post about the Windows Phone 8 convergence and for more about NVIDIA’s future SoC and mobile plans don’t forget to listen to Jen Hsun keynotes.

:there’s now an unboxing video of it in action after the break. The device seems to be the Samsung Slate PC Series 7 (there’s the Intel Logo on the box) loaded with a developer preview of Windows 8 (Edit: Videos are now set to private.They should be back up in less than 2 hours once the Build Keynote starts).

UPDATE: Watch the device in live action during Build Keynote after the break:

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Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 to have the same kernel ? Tango 1 and Tango 2 updates in the works

S. Chapman did some detective work lately and found a handful of Employee Resumes and job ads that hint at the possibility that Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo will be based on the same Kernel as Windows 8. A few months ago I stumbled up a Windows Phone Division job ad that definitely made it sound like both OSes were closely related and today’s findings are even clearer. Here’s one example:

The responsibilities included program managing software update features to provide device update technology that enables end-users to update Windows Phone OS with a new set of phone features including bug fixes. In this role, I delivered a set of functional requirements specifications for the major update components to enable image updates for the next generation Windows Phone OS (aka Apollo). They are Packaging System, Imaging System, Flashing System, Update OS, Update Validator and Update Application. Also drove and tracked early investigations for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 OS convergence to create Mobile SKUs.

Here’s another one from an HTC Senior Product planner:

Owned the advanced planning relationship with Microsoft; drove Microsoft “Apollo” product planning discussion and led HTC cross-division feedback. Identified high potential partners and technologies; initiated/participated in new partnership discussions; ensured the relevant technology integrations and strategic alignment.Restructured communication channel between the planning and field communication team; greatly increased the sell-in material accuracy and increased the overall update rate by 50+% Spearheaded the 2012 Windows mobile phone product roadmap.

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Windows Phone Tango confirmed to be minor update aimed at the Asian and Indian markets

According to Microsoft representatives how spoke during the MSDN Seminar – The Next Generation in Development in Hon Kong the rumored Windows Phone 7 Tango update ,which is slated to be released after Mango, will only be a minor update principally aimed at improving the OS’s services (like Bing) in emerging markets like China and India. Here’s a rough translation:

1. Tango is not a major update.
2. Tango Mango will be included as one of the updates.
3. Apollo will be the next major update.
4. Tango primarily for and developing countries such as China, India and other markets use, these are ignored in the market to have more exposure to Bing services.
5. manufacturers of these developing countries will launch a cheap version of Tango preloaded Windows Phone.

As you can see there’s nothing to really get excited about and it is yet unknown if this will included the new universal search feature we saw in the 7.10.8200 builds or even if Tango will be pushed to occidental handsets.

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New Windows Phone 7 post-Mango build 8200 feature: Content search

Remember the 7.10.8200 build of Windows Phone 7 that was spotted just a few days ago ? Well here’s a shot of a new feature found in this post-Mango build (Tango? Bozo? Bingo?) similar iOS’s spotlight search. Content Search essentially allows the user to search for content on the device (music,messages,mails contacts apps etc).

Nothing groundbreaking here but definitely something  that would have been great to have it in Mango (if this whole thing isn’t a fake obviously)…

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Windows Phone 7.10.8200 build spotted

There’s apparently a 7.10.8200 build of Windows Phone which was recently spotted by the “Dude, where’s my update?” application (Mango RTM is 7.10.7720). Nothing surprising here given that Microsoft is constantly working on the OS and has several branches in parallel. Some are speculating that this may be the rumored Tango release/update but once again nothing is certain especially when you remember that the Tango name originated on Digitimes which has one of the worst track records when it comes Windows Phone related rumors (and Apple too..). I have yet to be able to confirm the Tango codename and the only upcoming update that we currently know about is Apollo which is scheduled to ship in more that 14 months. This is not to say that their won’t be updates between Mango and Apollo but the code name and content of those releases are still a mystery.

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Windows Phone Tango coming after Mango and before Apollo?

According to Digitimes who has one of the worst track record when it comes to “sources” and rumors, the release after Mango will be called Tango. We already know that the next big release which is said to be Windows Phone 8 and is speculated to be running the ARM Windows 8 Kernel is called Apollo so if this Windows Phone Tango is real it will most probably be a minor update.

Compal has signed with Microsoft for licensed use of the Mango platform and Tango, a platform to succeed Mango, the sources noted.

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