Mosaic By Tribune news aggregation application for Windows 7 tablets and Windows Phone 7

Tribune Co. has announced the upcoming availability of their new fully touch based Mosaic news aggregation application designed specifically for Windows 7 tablets and Windows Phone 7 handsets. As you can see in the screenshot the application uses the Metro UI style and perfectly fits with Microsoft’s latest mobile OS. The Windows 7 version will launch on January 31 with the Windows Phone 7 following shortly after. If I had to guess I would say that this was developed by Clarity Consulting.

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Free Windows Phone 7 Programming ebook released

Charles Petzold’s Windows Phone 7 programming book has just been released on time for PDC10 and is now  available to download for free.

This book is a gift from the Windows Phone 7 team at Microsoft to the programming community, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Within the pages that follow, I show you the basics of writing applications for Windows Phone 7 using the C# programming language with the Silverlight and XNA 2D frameworks.

Yes, Programming Windows Phone 7 is truly a free download, but for those readers who still love paper—as I certainly do—this book will also be available (for sale) divided into two fully-indexed print editions: Microsoft Silverlight Programming for Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft XNA Framework Programming for Windows Phone 7. [Note from Devon: we should have these ready for order in December 2010.]

With the money you’ve saved downloading this book, please buy other books. Despite the plethora of information available online, books are still the best way to learn about programming within a coherent and cohesive tutorial narrative. Every book sale brings a tear of joy to an author’s eye, so please help make them weep overflowing rivers.

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HTC’s CEO still wants to “innovate on top” of Windows Phone 7

I seems like HTC still can’t get over the fact that they aren’t allowed to customize the Windows Phone 7 UI. In an interview with the Seattle Times, Peter Chou, has stated once again that he hopes to “innovate on top” of Windows Phone 7 even though the general consensus after the leaked HTC Hub videos is that the company isn’t really doing a good job at it with all the funky looking animations. Check it out after the break:

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HTC’s CEO talks about Sense on Windows Phone 7

Fiercewireless got some contradicting quotes from HTC’s CEO Peter Chou about Sense on Windows Phone 7.

HTC CEO Peter Chou said the smartphone vendor initially will be unable to bring its Sense UI onto its forthcoming Windows Phone 7 devices.

“Initially, we don’t have time to bring things on top of that,” he said. “But over time we will innovate on top of that to provide some HTC experience.”

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HTC Sense Hub shown on HTC Schubert device

It’s leaking folks! Here’s a video of the previously shown HTC Hub customization running on an actual device (which looks like the HTC Schubert / Mozart). I personally don’t really like what HTC has done in terms of UI design. It doesn’t seems to follow the guidelines at all. What do you guys think? Video after the break:

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HTC Sense Hub Windows Phone 7 experience revealed in video?

Well, this looks interesting to say the least. Could this be HTC‘s attempt to “customized” Windows Phone 7 with a little bit of Sense love? It definitely doesn’t follow some of the UI guidelines but things could be slightly different for OEMs… Grab some salt though….Video after the break:

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Programming for Windows Phone 7 ebook free excerpt 2

The second excerpt of Charles Petzold’s upcoming Programming Windows Phone 7 ebook is now available for download free of charge. This new one contains eleven chapters (256 pages) compared to the 6 chapters found in the first excerpt that was released a couple of months ago:

Part I The Basics

Chapter 1 Hello, Windows Phone 7

Chapter 2 Getting Oriented

Chapter 3 An Introduction to Touch

Chapter 4 Bitmaps, Also Known as Textures

Chapter 5 Sensors and Services

Chapter 6 Issues in Application Architecture

Part II Silverlight

Chapter 7 XAML Power and Limitations

Chapter 8 Elements and Properties


Chapter 20 Principles of Movement

Chapter 21 Textures and Sprites

Chapter 22 Touch and Play

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HTC Sense as we know it is NOT coming to Windows Phone 7

Wow talk about misleading and linkbait news title and information (I’m talking about Engadget’s an others…)…I’ll just make it clear form the get go: HTC Sense as we know it IS NOT coming to Windows Phone 7. Here’s what HTC’s Drew Bradford said:

“Microsoft has taken firmer control of the core experience [in Windows Phone 7], but we can still innovate,” “We won’t be able to replace as much of the core Windows Phone experience, but we will augment it,”

HTC will only be able to ad its own tilesand hubs to the Metro UI (an no more than 60Mb of ad-ons/apps) nothing more. So there’s basically no news at all here. The same applies to what he says about Google’s Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) update which is rumored to have stricter UI guidelines:

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UI Design and Interaction Guide for Windows Phone 7 v2.0 released

Microsoft has updated the UI Design and Interaction Guide for Windows Phone 7 to beta status. I must say that I’m happy to see that this isn’t a minor update, Lot’s of things have been added and I highly suggest you to download it if you are currently developing for Windows Phone 7. One interesting info is that unlike the current emulator and some of the builds I’ve seen on real devices, the browser will indeed have a application bar when running in landscape mode (hey that’s nothing groundbreaking…but it’s good to know that the emulator isn’t 100% how things will look like this fall). Download the pdf document here.

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28 minutes long Windows Phone 7 Design video

Microsoft is really working hard on promoting Windows Phone 7 this month. After Tuesday’s Application Lifecycle video here comes a 28 mintues long video entirely dedicating to the OS’s  Metro UI and Design with Albert Shum –Design Partner, and Naud Frijlink – Senior UX Designer, from the Windows Phone team, and Yochay Kiriaty – Senior Technical Evangelist. Don’t forget to download the Windows Phone 7 UI Design and Interaction guide.

Source: Channel 9

Monet, Van Gogh & Cézanne gallery ported to Windows Phone 7 in less than 2 hours!

I posted about neat looking gallery using the Metro UI and developed in Silverlight by Microsoft nearly 2 weeks ago and wondered how long it would take to port it to Windows Phone 7 now that the mobile OS fully supports SL and DeepZoom. Well, Ronnie Saurenmann, from Microsoft Switzerland, was kind enough to mail me out of the blue today and tell me that he successfully ported his gallery to Windows Phone 7 in 1 hour and a half! According to him the port actually took only 30 minutes but he had to ad the app bar, back navigation function and some performance tweaks (the app is faster/smoother than in the video) so the total time spent on it was finally around 1 hour and a half (90% of the code is shared between both versions). I think that this really speaks volume on how Microsoft has really a leg up the competition when it comes to application development now that they are finally integrating all their latest technology and services into one powerful package. You can check out the original desktop application here. Below is a video of the WP7 version on the CTP emulator:

Porting Comcast Xfinity iPhone application to Windows Phone 7

Clarity Consulting has just posted new article centered around a conceptual portage of the Comcast’s Xfitiny iPhone application to  Windows Phone 7:

For many companies the first foray into Windows Phone 7 (WP7) may be in porting their existing mobile apps. It is tempting to simply transfer existing functionality, avoiding the additional design costs. Readdressing business needs and taking advantage of the WP7 platform can reduce cost and is essential to a successful re-launch. To better understand the advantage of new development lets examine a conceptual upgrade of Comcast’s existing mobile app.

This project clearly highlights the fact that the Metro UI seems perfectly suited for media rich application specificaly tailored for mobile handsets. The need for endless pages of icons is thing of the past.

Source: Clarity Consulting

Monet, Van Gogh & Cézanne paintings in Silverlight with DeepZoom and Metro UI

Microsoft did a really nice Silverlight gallery of the Van Gogh, Cézanne, Monet collection presented at the Kunsthaus Zürich in Switzerland. The presentation uses DeepZoom and the Metro UI to navigate trough the paintings. It would be interesting to see if this interactive gallery can be easily ported to WP7 now that DeepZoom is fully functional on Windows Phone 7. Head over here to check it out.

Programming Windows Phone 7 Series Free eBook available now

Microsoft MVP, Charles Petzold, made available for free a draft preview of his upcoming “Programming Windows Phone 7 Series” eBook on Microsoft’s press site. The draft preview iw over 150 pages long and contains the following chapters:

Part I Getting Started

Chapter 1 Phone Hardware + Your Software

Chapter 2 Hello, Windows Phone

Part II Silverlight

Chapter 3 Code and XAML

Chapter 4 Presentation and Layout


Chapter 5 Principles of Movement

Chapter 6 Textures and Sprites

If you are planning to start developing for WP7 and want to learn a bit more about Silverlight & XNA,waste no time and hit the following links : XPS format & PDF Format & Zip file of the code Samples.

Source: Microsoft Press via Pocketnow

Windows Phone 7 Series UI Design & Interaction Guide

Microsoft just released the Windows Phone 7 Series UI Design Interaction Guide. The Document is a 65 pages guide on how to design Windows Phone 7 applications:

The Windows® Phone 7 Series CTP User Interface (UI) is based off a Windows Phone design system internally codenamed “Metro.” The Metro design principles center on a look that uses type to echo the visual language of airport and metro system signage. The goal is to clearly direct end users to the content they want. Metro interfaces are supposed to embody harmonious, functional, and attractive visual elements. Ideally, good UI design should encourage playful exploration when interacting with the application and people should feel a sense of wonder and excitement. A clear, straightforward design not only makes an application legible, it encourages usage. This guide will provide design knowledge and fundamentals for this type of UI development. We highly recommend that developers adopt the Metro design style whenever possible. Although requirements may vary based on the application, paralleling this experience will create a more consistent, fluid UI experience from the custom and built-in application view.

This guide will also detail several possible methods of interaction that can be used by a Windows Phone 7 Series CTP application, including standard input, functionality within the UI framework, and the Metro-themed Silverlight® and system-based controls. By understanding and incorporating key design concepts and considerations within these areas, you can craft your application to provide a better end user experience. You will also have a deeper understanding of the number of different hardware and software interaction elements that are available to developers in Windows Phone 7 Series CTP. Diverging from the Windows Phone 7 Series CTP interaction model is generally not allowed. However, there are a few exceptions where the UI behavior is different as application requirements vary.

I highly recommend you to download the whole thing here. This document is currently the best overall source of info on WP7. You’ll find answers on every subject related to the Metro UI, gesture support, push notification, hardware buttons, themes etc… Eveything you ever wanted to know about WP7 is in there.

All Windows Phone 7 MIX10 Sessions Part 2

Below are the rest of the Windows Phone 7 Series MIX10 session made that have currently been made available.

Building Windows Phone Applications with Silverlight, Part 1:

PowerPoint Presentation: Click

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All Windows Phone 7 Series MIX10 Sessions Part 1

Here are all the Windows Phone 7 Series MIX10 sessions currently available online.

Changing our Game – an Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Series:

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Windows Phone 7 Series development infromation and Q&A

Microsoft’s Charlie Kindel has just posted a little blurb on what developers can expect in Windows Phone 7 Series. As expected (and leaked here in early February) the main development tools will be XNA and Silverlight (via Explression Blend):

I mentioned in my last post that one of our principles was “to build upon the shoulders of giants; where possible integrate instead of create.” It won’t come as a surprise to many to learn that the Windows Phone 7 developer experience builds upon the following GIANTS (among others):

XNA platform
Microsoft’s developer tools
Web 2.0 standards

The expertise and familiarity with our tools is not lost. If you are a .NET developer today your skills and much of your code will move forward. If you are Silverlight or XNA developer today you’re gonna be really happy. New developers to the platform will find a cohesive, well designed API set with super productive tools.

He also confirmed that their will be no backward compatibility with previsou and current Windows Mobile applications. You can check out his full post here

If you are not faimilair with XNA or Silverlight I suggest you go check out the offical site here & here.

The Windows Phone 7 Series Dev Team is running a Q&A session on Twitter right no. To follow it just click here or follow the #WP7DEV tag.

Windows Phone 7 has everything to succeed

Last week’s been really busy with MWC and the Windows Phone 7 Series announcement on Monday 15th in Barcelona. A lot has been said about it since then and the general consensus is that Microsoft is doing the right thing by restarting from scratch but some people are still worried or disappointed because of what seems like an “iPhonesque” shift in strategy. I’ll try to share my thoughts with you and hopefully give you a little insight on what can be Microsoft’s next Billion dollar business.
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