JoikuSpot WiFi router application coming soon to the Nokia N900

Similar to what is already available on HTC’s latest handset, Joikuspot for the Nokia N900 will enable user to connect the PC/laptops/etc via WiFi using the N900′s 3G connection. The application is currently scheduled to launch before MWC which start in 2 weeks.

Source: NokiaBlog via Pocketnow

The Nokia N900 can also run Android

Similar to what we have seen on the Windows Mobile devices a couple days ago, here comes a video of a Nokia N900 running Android. The trick here is a Dual-booting mode letting the user select Android or Maemo5. Unlike the Windows Mobile hacks this more of a proof-of-concept (Android 2.0 is nearly fully useable on Windows Mobile).

Source: Brandon Posterous via Slashgear

Nokia N900 teardown video

The Greek boys at just posted a teardown video & picture gallery of Nokia‘s latest flagship device, the N900:


Unusual Nokia N900 Unboxing video

This must be the best phone packaging I’ve ever seen. Nokia‘s N900 review sample arrived is a shinny black box “HackerBox” with no way to open it. But the mysterious box featured a mini-USB port..see what happens next:

Source: Tracy & Matt