How the Windows Phone 7 location services really work

With all the madness going on right now around of the Apple locations tracking fiasco I thought that it would be interesting point out that Microsoft already details all of Windows Phone 7‘s location services in the product’s privacy statement. So instead of guessing or asking MS’s PR why no read what has been publicly available since October 2010?

There are currently 3 different location / tracking services in Windows Phone 7:

1) Location services: This is used by the OS and third party applications to locate you via Cell/WiFi triangulation or GPS.

2) Find My Phone: When enable it periodically sends the phone’s location to MS’ severs so it can be easily located by the My Phone service (note that the online My Phone mapping/tracking feature perfectly works with the option disabled on the phone. It just takes slightly longer to pin-point the handset).

3) Feedback report: Sends information via cell network or Zune desktop about the phone’s configuration, application usage, crash reports, and performance among other things.

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