LG Optimus Pad preview: Hands on video

The LG Optimus Pad is planned to be the second Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet to hit the market later this year after the Motorola Xoom finally launchs at the end of this month in the US. What sets the Optimus Pad apart from its direct competition is its physical size and smaller 8.9 inch screen (15:9 aspect ratio) which was specifically designed to be easily portable with one hand. The device also packs two 5 Mpix cameras to shoot 720P 3D Stereoscopic content which can then be viewed on a 3D enabled TV through the device’s HDMI port, directly on the device screen in red/blue anaglyph mode or uploaded to YouTube’s 3D channel. Out of all of the Honeycomb tablet’s I’ve played with the LG Optimus Pad was surprisingly the snappiest and smoothest even though they were all powered by the same nVidia Tegra 2 chipset. But I’ will obviously reserve my final judgment until the final retail products are released. Check out my hands-on video after the break:

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LG Optimus 3D and LG G-Slate Optimus Pad in video

Here are two short videos of LG’s upcoming Android devices scheduled to be officially unveiled at MWC next week. The first one is a hands-on video of the LG G-Slate aka LG Optimus Pad and its 3D screen & Cameras combo. The second is the teaser video of the LG Optimus 3D which packs a glasses free 3D screen and 2 camera to shoot 3D footage. Check them out after the break:

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LG Optimus Pad G-Slate Specifications unveiled: 3D Camera confirmed

T-Mobile US and LG have just unveiled the hardware specifications of the LG G-Slate which was first teased in Las Vegas during CES last month. Similar to the LG Optimus 3D unveiled yesterday, the LG Optimus Pad aka G-Slate will feature a 3D camera (capable of shooting 1080P 3D footage) and the same Tegra 2 Dual-Cortex A9 SoC but glasses are required to watch the 3D content on the device or on a 3D TV in 1080P via its HDMI port (the LG Optimus 3D has a glasses free 3D display). The 8.9 inch display is also a tiny bit smaller than the 10.1 display of the Motorola Xoom which is it’s main Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet competitor (full hardware spec of the Xoom here). Check out the full press release after the break:

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LG announcing Optimus Smartphone with 3D screen at MWC

You’ve probably already heard about this so I won’t go into details (mainly because there isn’t any details at al…): LG is apparently going to¬† unveil a new LG Optimus handset featuring a 3D screen in on February 14th during MWC. I just received my invite to the event which is probably going to be packed. I’ll make sure to get some hands-on action with it and with all the other Tegra 2 powered devices they are going to showcase like the G-Slate tablet which is also rumored to have a 3D screen. Nothing on the Windows Phone 7 front though. So don’t be surprised if we don’t see any new WP7 devices from LG or any other OEM during the event next month.

Android 3.0 Honeycomb UI video walkthrough

Here is a couple of Android 3.0 Honeycomb videos demonstrating several parts of the new tablet oriented OS that we saw unveiled yesterday. You will get to see all of the major functionalities of the OS without any voice over explaining what is really going on (though it’s really had to understand..). These videos are actually what is being shown on the Motorola Xoom and LG G-Slate Tegra 2 powered tablets that were unveiled in Las Vegas. The press wasn’t allowed to play with the devices so Google decided to playback the following videos on them so that everybody can get an idea of what it will look like :

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