KIN Media Sync for Mac

Mark/Space, makers of the award winning Missing Sync application for Mac have announced today that are the company providing the Mac synchronization software for Microsoft’s KIN handsets launching today.

Sync music:
KIN Media Sync for Mac syncs whole playlists of music you’ve created in iTunes to your phone – your tunes, to take with you and listen to wherever you go. And, sync music from your phone to your Mac, easily.

Sync photos:

Pictures of friends. Photos of family. Sync albums of photos you create in iPhoto on your Mac to your phone. Snap a photo. Share a photo. Sync photos you take with your KIN phone to your Mac, too.

Sync video:

Your movies – to go. KIN Media Sync converts and transfers digital video and home movies for a great viewing experience on your KIN phone. Plus, shoot video with your phone and KIN Media Sync will bring it to your Mac.

KIN users who wish to sychronize their handst with a Mac can just head over to the KIN Media Sync for Mac page and download the application.