Apple iPhone 4 announced

That’s right folks. You’ve already seen it before but it’s not official. Steve Jobs has just announced the iPhone 4. More to come….(image courtesy of Engadget). The device is only 9.3mm thick and features a super high resolution 3.5″ display composed of 326 pixels per inch… 960×640, 800:1 contrast and IPS panel. The iPhone 4 features the Apple A4 SoC found in the iPad and will feature up to 32gb of storage. The device also has a 5Mpix camera with backlit sensor and LED flash and is capableof shotting 720P videos at 30fps. THe other new features a the inclusion of a 3-axis Gyroscope.

iPhone OS 4 has now been renamed iOS 4. iOS is now a platform just like OSX. Many new iOS based deviecees will probably come out of Apple in the coming years (devices other than Tablets and Phones..). Bing is now a search engine option alongside Yahoo and Google (still default). The iPhone will also featur video chat but only through Wifi. It will be available in Black & White for $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB launching June 2′th (pre-orders start June 15th)

That’s for now. Will post my thoughts later tonight.

Ready for the Next Generation iPhone 4 ?

I usually don’t post about Apple related news here and am mainly focused on Windows Phone 7 and Android lately but every-time Apple announces a new product there’s no denying that it has a massive impact on the industry. That’s why I’ll probably post some thoughts later on about the new iPhone HD or iPhone 4G (if that’s the name..) some of the other announcement that Steve Jobs is going to make in less than an hour at WWDC in San Fransisco. It’s also highly probable that I will get my hands-on the new device once its released (it’s always good to know what you are talking about especially when you are mainly focused on the competition).

Another next generation iPhone 4G in the wild!

Looks like Apple has some serious problems when it comes to iPhone leaks this year. A Vietnamese dude just posted a video and tear down pictures of a next generation iPhone 4G prototype today. He supposedly paid $4000 to acquire it. You notice the the screws that where present at the bottom of the handset on Gizmodo’s unit are no longer here which indicates that this one is probably a newer version and the chip inside is now labeled with Apple’s logo (unlike the black one in the earlier proto) andthe following “339S0084″ indicating that it’s based on the same A4 chipset found in the Apple iPad. Check out the video below:

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Is Apple’s next-gen iPhone 4G Sony’s DSC-T2 little cousin?

I must admit that I’m probably in the minority here because I sort of love the design of the leaked next-gen iPhone 4g prototype. But the first thing that came to mind when I saw the pictures was a sense of deja-vue. Yup! That prototype’s design looks strangely similar to one of my digital cameras,  the Sony DSC-T2. It isn’t the first time Apple takes some design cues from Sony (remember the keyboards that first appear on Sony’s Vaios…) so I find it interesting that the Japanese company is still a source of inspiration for the big Apple. Take a look at the pictures to see for yourself, notice the rounded buttons, metallic frame (it’s actually plastic on the T2) etc…

The iPhone 4G is out in the wild

Steve Jobs is going to nuke somebody…. Engadget first started posting leaked shots of the handset during the weekend and now Gizmodo a whole friggin hands-on with videos of the iPhone 4G! The device is claimed to be a lost iPhone 4G prototype and according to early investigation by the GIZ, feature s high res screen, front facing camera, Micro-Sim Slot, dual microphones, and a bigger camera lens paired with a led flash.
Here’s Apple Jonathan Ive reaction :

It could all be a planned leak though….
Source: Gizmodo