Intel Havok Physics system ported to Android: Video demo on the Xperia Play

As Qualcomm told me during Mobile World Congress, Sony Ericsson is the only OEM who bothered to use the latest Snapdragon and Adreno drivers on its devices and the video after the break just shows why they did this. The company is really serious about gaming on Android and unfortunately seems to be the only Android OEM in this case (Sure there’s NVIDIA and its Tegra Zone marketplace but I’m fairly sure that they don’t really care about the platform. All that matters to them is that their SoC is being bought by OEMs). THe video after the break will show you Intel’s Havok physics engine / solver porting on Android and running on the Xperia Play’s MSM8255 with Adreno 205 GPU:

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Intel’s Moorestown chipset will not (never) support Windows Phone 7


Ready for some nice and ugly FUD ? Intel is officially unveiling its Moorestown / Atom Z600 mobile chipset which is supposedly compatible with Moblin/Meego and Android. But the most interesting part is the company’s bullsh@t answer when asked if the Windows Phone 7 will ever be supported in the future:

Apparently someone at Microsoft must’ve peed in Intel’s cheerios because Moorestown won’t be found in any Windows Phone 7 devices. According to Intel it’s more than just a spat over breakfast, Intel claims that Windows Phone 7 is still optimized for very low end ARM SoCs. Intel went on to say that despite the advances in the OS, Windows Phone 7 isn’t progressing fast enough from an architecture standpoint and that it is an “old OS with many of the warts we’re trying to get away from”. Apparently Windows Phone 8 falls into the same category and it too will not be supported by Moorestown.

Come on Intel! We know that you hate Qualcomm (reminder: Qualcomm’s Snapdragon is the only supported chipset in Windows Phone 7 right now) but there’s no need to spread lies about this. Last time I checked Windows Phone 7 is based on Windows CE 7 (and has native support for the latest ARM SoCs like the Cortex A8/9) and is probably more mature and feature rich than Intel’s own Moblin linux distro…Oh and Windows CE is also designed to run on x86, MIPS, SH, ARM…Ironicaly Intel is claiming that Moorestown is the best mobile platform to run Silverlight….you know that little thing that is an integral part of Windows Phone 7….The only “Old” thing here is Intel’s attempt to cram an X86 CPU in a phone…

Source: AnandTech

Nokia & Intel announce MeeGo Mobile OS

Nokia and Intel have just announced that the Maemo and Moblin OS are now merging and becomming MeeGo. The keynote is still underway so I will post more about that later on. You can now go to to get some more information. Release date is set at Q2 2010. Qt will be used to develop on Meego.

Intel Moorestown powered LG GW990 unveiled

Here’s what looks like one of the most interesting devices unveiled at this years CES. The LG GW990 unlike the majority of smartphone/MID isn’t powered by an ARM processor but by an Intel Moorestown (X86) CPU running the Moblin Linux OS. The GW990 is choke-full of hardware goodness:

- Intel Moorestown CPU
-16Gb of internal memoy
- 512 Mb of Ram
- 4.8inch 1020×480 capacitive touchscreen
- HDMI output
- MicroSD card slot
- 1850mha battery
- 5 mpix camera with led flash
- Wifi, BT, aGPS etc..

THe GW990 also pocks LG’s S-Class UI as you can see in the video below:

Source: Engadget