Enable Internet Sharing / Tethering on your Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus in one click

If you still haven’t managed to flash your Samsung Omnia 7 with the latest I8700XXKI4 firmware I posted a few days ago there’s seems to be a even easier way to enable Internet Sharing / Tethering on your device and the Samsung Focus too as long as it is developer unlocked courtesy of voluptuary:

1) First install the WP Dev Tools and unlock your Samsung phone.
2) Use the Application Deployment tool to send THIS to your phone. You do not need to run it and you can delete it after it has been deployed.
3) Install the Diagnosis app by typing ##634#
4) After the Diagnosis app starts type *#9908# and select ‘System Tweaks’ press ‘Save’ then ‘Close’ and restart your phone.
5) Your phone now has Internet sharing and as a bonus is interop unlocked!

Please try it out and let me know if it worked for you.

New Samsung Omnia 7 firmware with internet sharing available: I8700XXKI4

Want that fancy WiFi Hotspot internet sharing Tethering feature on you Windows Phone 7 device? If you are a Samsung Omnia 7 owner today is your lucky day. T-Mobile Germany pushed out a new firmware last night version I8700XXKI4 with the tethering / Internet Sharing feature enabled (thanks for the tip guys!). I’m a nice guy so I grabbed the firmware file and uploaded it so you can manually install it on your handset. Follow the instructions below (same a before and I’m not responsible if it doesn’t work for you):

- Download the firmware here (remember that’s not the OS but only the firmware bits) then download the WPupdate tools from here.
- Unzip the Tools in a folder then unzip the firmware in the same folder as the tools.
- Plug in your device, wait until the Zune client starts and then close it.
- Run the the Updater and press S or B (depending on the size of your balls..)
- your phone will then reboot in download mode and update (don’t unplug it or do stupid things with your PC during the whole process..)

Please note that this won’t work if you are running the latest I8700XXKI3 firmware from SFR (there’s a conflict with the bootloader and maybe others too) so you will have to painfully revert back to an older firmware like the T-Mobile RC1 here (I8700XXKH2).

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