HTC releases Android 2.2 Froyo for the HTC Wildfire, HTC Legend and Daylight Saving Time patches

This probably came as a surprise to many given the relatively low hardware specification of the device but HTC just did a nice move and release Froyo aka Android 2.2 for the HTC Wildfire which is their super low-end entry level Android handset.

Update – HTC Wildfire (Android 2.2) Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) update
Your phone will receive a notification of FOTA update when it is made available. Simply press OK to accept the update via a data connection such as Wi-Fi or GPRS/3G. After installing the update, you can confirm a successful update by confirming the Build number (From the Home Screen go to MENU> Settings> About Phone> Software Information> Build number). The new Build number after the update will be 2.22.405.1. Update: Android 2.2 update. Note?Please back up your data first before upgrading your phone. We recommend using a free Wi-Fi hotspot or an unlimited data plan to apply this update. If not, standard data connection charges may apply.

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New HTC HD Mini Rom released

HTC has just released a new ROM for the HTC HD Mini today. This 1.36 ROM updates improves the following:

Improved Functions:

1. The trimmer bar will slide smoothly while trimming the mp3.

2. Enhance the system performance and stability.

3. Improves the ringtone sound quality.

You can grab the following files direct on HTC’s support site and don’t forget to check out my HD Mini review if you haven’t already:

Greece: 1.36.482.1, Portugal: 1.36.410.1, France: 1.36.406.1, Denmark: 1.36.403.1,

Italy: 1.36.408.1, Europe: 1.36.401.1, Spain: 1.36.412.1, Russian Federation: 1.36.411.1,

Sweden: 1.36.413.1, Germany: 1.36.407.1, Nederland: 1.36.404.1, East Europe: 1.36.479.1,

Norway: 1.36.409.1

Source: HTC

HTC Aria hands-on video and announcement

The Android version of the HTC HD Mini called the HTC Aria aka HTC Libertyhas just been outed by AT&T in a official hands-on video on YouTube. Because this is basically an HTC HD Mini with Android instead of Windows Mobile 6.5.3 there’ isn’t much to say. The specifications are identical with the only major difference being the the optical trackpad at the bottom of the handset. The Aria is powered by a Qualcomm MSMS 7227 @ 600Mhz, has a 3.2 HVGA capacitive touchscreen, 384MB orf RAM, 512 MB of ROM, Android 2.1 a 5Mpix camera etc. So the US HTC Aria / Liberty and Europe gets the HTC Wildfire (a mini HTC Desire). Video and Press Release after the break:

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The HTC Liberty shows up in AT&T testing video

Looks like AT&T leak the still unannounced HTC Liberty by mistake (or not?) in an official video posted today on YouTube. The video details the different steps of Android devices testing at AT&T Labs:

Dante Martin, Product Manager at AT&T for Android devices, provides a sneak peek at the testing process at AT&T labs. Check out the latest Android device, in the testing phase, as the AT&T Technical Acceptance team runs the device, applications and advanced technology through multiple scenarios before it’s released to the public. This testing allows the team to troubleshoot issues and integrate the new device with the AT&T network. All of these efforts contribute to the launch date and lead to a positive consumer experience.

The HTC Liberty shows up at 1:56 and several times later near the end of the video. Check out the video after the break:

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HTC Liberty and HTC Aria: The Android version of the HTC HD Mini

Why does HTC love to sell the same handset under different names and packages? To confuse everybody I guess. The HTC Wildfireisn’t even out yet and we are already seeing proofs of the existence of an other entry-level Android smartphone with similar specs but this time with the same design as the HTC HD Mini Windows Mobile 6.5.3 handset. The device is called the HTC Liberty or HTC Aria or HTC Bee or HTC Intruder (I guess that it depends on the carrier) and will have similar specs to the HTC HD Mini (same MSM7227 chipset and 3.2″ screen etc) but with Android instead of WinMo and an optical trackpad like the HTC Desire, Legend and Wildfire.

Source: AC and Twitter

HTC HD Mini software update fixing the ringtone sound quality released

HTC has just released a small softaware fix for the HTC HD Mini to fix the ringtone sound quality:

This update improves the ringtone sound quality.

Note: This update is only applicable to ROM versions equal to, or lower.

Head over here to download it.

Source: HTC

HTC HD Mini Review: is it worth it?

Announced back in February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the HTC HD Mini is the company’s latest (and probably one of the last) Windows Mobile 6.5.3 handset to hit the market. Marketed as a slimmed down version of the HTC HD2 the HD Mini’s announcement was unfortunately overshadowed by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 unveiling one day earlier. How does it stack up against HTC’s similar priced and speced Android devices especially now that we know that not a single WM 6.X device will ever be upgradable to Windows Phone 7? Time to review the HTC HD Mini.

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HTC HD Mini camera quality and samples

Thanks to its fairly good sensor the 5 Mpix camera (w/autofocus) of the HTC HD Mini takes reasonably good pictures as you can se above (sorry I had to re-size them for bandwidth reasons). All shots were taken in Auto mode and SuperFine sharpness. Interior shots came out correct if you manually set the ISO to 100 and as you can see macro shots are just awesome. The Auto-Focus speed is the fastest I have ever experienced on mobile phone (and even real point & shoot cameras) the HD2 is a dog compared to the HD Mini (but it doesn’t have a flash). Last but not least, the HTC HD Mini doesn’t seem suffer from the infamous pink spot/hue like the HTC HD2 (will have to check it out tho..). Check out the Hardware tour and Software tour.

HTC HD Mini Software Tour

Here’s a follow up to yesterday’s HTC HD Mini hardware tour video (1080p video is still being processed by YouTube). This time you’ll see the device in action and a quick comparison against the current top of the line Windows Phone, the HTC HD2. As you will see the HTC HD Mini is nearly as smooth and snappy as the HD2 but lacks in other areas. If you want me to show some other parts of the software don’t hesitate to ask bellow, on Twitter or by mail.

HTC HD Mini Hardware Tour

Here’s my brief HTC HD Mini hardware tour video a shot a couple of minutes ago. You all how it looks like next to the HTC HD2 and the nice yellow internals. From a hardware specifications standpoint the HTC HD Mini has nearly the same specs has the HTC Legend (minus the digital compass and AMOLED screen and lower capacity battery: 1300mah vs 1200mah). Check out the HD Mini vs HD2 size comparison here.

HTC HD Mini vs HTC HD2 size comparison

I just took a couple of pictures comparing the HTC HD Mini to the HTC HD2. As you can see the HD Mini is obviously smaller than the HD2 but is 0.7mm (0.03 inch) thicker. The mini feels really good in the hand as is definitely easier to use than the HD2, you can easly reach all four corners of the screen if your finger  and those who have an HD2 know that it’s a real pain to pull it out of your pocket if you are sitting…Check out the Hardware Tour video here.

The HTC HD Mini has arrived

I’ve just received the HTC HD Mini for review thanks to the good folks at HTC. I’ll take my time to review it thoroughly. So if you have any questions don’t hesite to send me an email, post a comment or use Twitter. I’ll do videos, grab some photos and most importantly use the the HD Mini as my main phone for a couple of days.

HTC HD Mini unboxing video

Here’s a short unboxing video of the HTC HD Mini Windows Mobile 6.5.3 smartphone. Nothing really exciting I guess (it also looks like a pre-production unit/sample). You can check out my quick hands-on videos here and here (lockscreen & multi-touch in IE Mobile)

Source: Youtube

HTC Legend, HTC Desire & HTC HD Mini shipping in April, up for pre-order now

HTC Legend, HTC Desire, HTC HD2, HTC HD Mini

HTC’s latest trio of handset is now available for pre-order on Amazon’s UK website right now (sim-free & unlocked). The Legend and Desire are shceduled to start shipping on April 1 and April 14th for the HD Mini. HTC’s top-of-the-line Android phone (HTC Desire) will set you back £528.68, the HTC Legend £399.9 and the finally £369.00 for the HTC HD Mini.

Source: Amazon UK (Desire, Legend, HD Mini)

HTC Desire to receive DivX playback support in future update

HTC Legend, HTC Desire, HTC HD2, HTC HD Mini

I had the chance to talk to HTC a couple of hours ago during their local HTC Legend/Desire/HD Mini presentation. There was obviously nothing new to learn (especially since I already got some hands-on action last week at the MWC). The only new piece of info I got was about the rumored DivX playback and 720P encoding capabilities of the HTC Desire (aka HTC Bravo). The answer I got was that DivX support will be added in a future update (they didn’t say much about 720P support but from the way it sounded it should be coming in the same update) because they didn’t have time to finalise the feature before launching the handset.

HTC HD2, HTC Desire, HTC HD Mini

The HTC Legend and HTC Desire are currently scheduled to launch in Spring (probably in March) and the HTC HD Mini in May. Check out my HTC Desire Review hereand don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

HTC HD Mini Hands-on

The HTC HD Mini is probably the HTC handset that has the best build quality. From the industrial screws on the back to the funky yellow colored internals, the whole packaged feels like it is made to last. The Mini is definitely less powerful than the HD2 but compensates this by being a ton more easier to use with one hand. The handsets currently available at MWC are running a slightly modified version of Windows Mobile 6.5.3 that features a new lock screen, pinch-to-zoom in IE Mobile and not Start soft key (check ou my previous video here).

HTC HD Mini’s new Lock Screen & Multi-Touch enabled IE Mobile video

Here’s a short video of the new Lock Screen featured on the HTC HD Mini and the new multi-touch enabled version of IE Mobile. The HD Mini seems to be running a slightly modified version of Windows Mobile 6.5.3 (notice there’s no big start button on the lower left…).

HTC HD Mini Announced

Looks like Mini is the new buzzword here at MWC. First it was Sony Ericsson with he Xperia X10 Mini (and Mini Pro) and now it’s HTC’s turn with the the HTC HD Mini (also know as the HTC Photon):



•Size: 103.8 X 57.7 X 11.7 mm (4.09 X 2.27 X 0.46 inches)
•Weight: 110 grams (3.88 ounces) with battery
•Display: 3.2 inches, 320 X 480 HVGA, Glass
•Processor: 600 MHz
•Battery: 1200, 400 mins talk time on 3G
•Camera: 5mp
•3.5 mm stereo audio jack, Standard micro-USB
•Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional with HTC Sense
•ROM: 512 MB RAM: 384 MB
•Bands: 900/2100 3G, Quad band Edge
•WiFi, Bluetooth

I will grab some hands-on photos in a a few..