There’s no Google Phone?

It’s becoming clear now that there is in fact no Google Phone contrary to what many blogs (Gizmodo, TechCrunch WSJ etc..) want you to believe. The HTC Nexus One device we have seen is a developer edition version of what is going to be the HTC Passion (or Bravo / Dragon whatever you want to call it). Just like the original HTC Dream (ADP1) was the dev edition of the HTC G1 the HTC Ion -> HTC Magic (ADP2) the Nexus is Google’s new Android development platform (ADP3). Eldar Mutazin of Mobile-Review who is well connected also confirmed this a few hours ago via Twitter:

Hmmm Google Phone is a kind of fake finaly. Just finish conversation with some guy from Google, story looks in other way then it was discuss
Google employees are testing some features of upcoming version of Android 2.1 on HTC Passion which was called Google Phone (=Android phone)
Some rival company used misunderstanding to lauch rumour about Gphone and new business model from Google (which arent true).

He also thinks that Apple is the source of this baseless rumor (which was first posted by Techcrunch a couple weeks ago..). I guess it helps to generate traffic though..

UPDATE January 5th: Looks like Eldar was totally full of sh@t!

HTC Nexus One / Google Phone spotted

HTC Nexus One
Here’s the first live picture of the Google Phone handed out yesterday and it looks exactly like the rumored pictures of the Dragon we’ve seen a few months ago. The device is supposedly named the HTC Nexus One and has been in use since November according to EXIF data of several pictures found on Picasa (see here). Is this the HTC Bravo? One thing’s for sure, it has a WVGA AMOLED display but it still remains to be seen if this is really a “Google Phone”. Looks like even though HTC‘s been pumping out awesome Windows Mobile device (the HTC HD2) they are also quickly becoming Microsoft‘s biggest freind/enemy. will they be able to continue like that? Or will Microsoft decide otherwise?

Source: Twitter & Picasa via Engadget

Google Phone handed out to employees, doesn’t look like the HTC Passion / Bravo

Looks like Google handed out a couple of those rumored “Google Phones” to some employees last night according to several tweets:


A friend from Google showed me the new Android 2.1 phone from HTC coming out in Jan. A sexy beast. Like an iPhone on beautifying steroids.

Jason Howell from Cnet:

“The new Google Phone runs on HTC hardware. I saw it w/ Android 2.1. Homescreen has new visual enhancements like animated desktop wallpaper.”

Animated wallpaper? Nice….errr hold on…doesn’t the HTC HD2 already have this? ;-)
Anyway here’s the most intersting part (posted by Cnet’s Jason Howwell in Techcrunch’s comments):

I was given the phone for a very limited time from a Google employee. It resembled an HTC Hero to my eyes, though a tiny bit smaller and DEFINITELY thinner. I kept looking over at the guy using it, thinking to myself that it WAS a Hero, but when I asked, he spilled the beans. Google employees were handed the phones today. He reiterated that there would probably be a decent amount of information hitting the tubes this weekend. With my limited time with the device, I saw it running Android 2.1. The home screen had this animated background image that looked nifty with red and blue lasers shooting across it. The gray bar at the bottom of the home screen was replaced with the “house” line art used on the face of most Android phones that takes you to the home screen. Looked sleeker. Super light phone too.

This phone was unlocked, though the guy had thrown an AT&T sim card into it.

That’s about all I was able to glean in my minute’s worth of dabbling. It was sleek and nice looking, but I am scratching my head trying to figure out what the real difference is between this and any of the newer HTC Android phones. Scanning the apps, I didn’t see anything that really stood out as different from what I have on my Droid. And being that it was Android 2.1, the only really differences I saw were a few visual ones. So it doesn’t appear (in its current state) to really be offering “the *real* Android” experience that’s mind blowingly different from what’s out there so far. Maybe I just didn’t dig deep enough to find it though.

Samller than the HTC Hero ? This doesn’t sound/look like the HTC Passion / Bravo / Dragon to me. Maybe more like the HTC Buzz or HTC legend:

Source: Twitter & Jason Howell

HTC Bravo / Passion render and release date speculation

AI.rscame through once again with a nice render of the HTC Bravo / Passion. The device doesn’t look as good as the HD2 though…Regarding the release date of the device, Digitimes is reporting that the Bravo (Passion in the US?) will be released in North America next month (January 2010). Take this with a grain of salt though, given that the previously leaked info states that the device is expected to be available in April 2010…

Source: & Digitimes

Will HTC enable 720P video encoding & DivX decoding on the HTC HD2?

HTC Bravo HD (Small)
As you may probably already know by now, nearly all of HTC 2010 smartphone line-up leaked yesterday. The most interesting part to me was the fact that the HTC Bravo (Passion / Dragon) has basically the same specs (it has a smaller screen and less RAM) as the HD2 but supports 720P video encoding, Dolby sound support and DivX decoding.
720P encoding is a feature natively supported by the SnapDragon chipset but will HTC enable it on Windows Mobile 6.5? We know that Qualcomm’s been working on this feature for Windows Mobile 7 (see here):
Unfortunately based on HTC’s past history I wouldn’t be surprised if they only enable it in their upcoming WM7 devices (or the hypothetical WM7 update for the HD2). The same applies to the DivX decoding feature on the HTC Bravo. Everybody’s been waiting for this for many years and HTC will surely piss off a lot of HD2 owners if a lower speced SnapDragon device gets it.

HTC 2010 handsets line-up leaked: HTC Passion/Bravo,Tera, Legend, Photon..

Holly Molly! HTC’s 2010 handset line up just leaked over at XDA Devs a few minutes ago!
Let’s start with what everybody’s been waiting for the HTC Passion/Dragon:

HTC’s hero model of Q1-Q2 of 2010 , a real flagship with exceptional specs and characteristics, will be named as “HTC Bravo”. Rumors wanted this device with loads of different names (Passion/Dragon) and specs, but below you will see its original fotos allong with up-to-now specs. Bravo supposedly will follow the same good recepie as happened with Leo (HD2) and we can say, that if HTC had something in mind about an Android version of Leo, then Bravo is the one.

Representative of the Performance (and not by chance ) category based on HTC’s categorization it has fantastic style and design, eqquiped with the sucessive killer Snapdragon QSD 8250 1GHz CPU (as in Leo), HD 720p Video caprure, 3.7″ WVGA AMOLED screen, 256RAM (guess it will be increased to 512Mb accoridng to my latest inside nfo) with 16GB MicroSD card in-box, and 1400mAh battery capacity and HTC Sence of course, is certainly what eveybody would like to own, considering that will b loaded with the latest Android OS possible at that time. HTC’s “killer phone” as they call it, will definately face on its way and will have to compete, Rachael X10i SE and time is left to tell what the results will bring to light And as HTC’s latest moto is about their new 2010 portfolio, i will inheritate and say, “I want it NOW” Arriving April 2010.

Nearly the same specs as the HTC HD2 but with an smaller AMOLED) screen and 720P encoding (looks like HTC is shafting HD2 owners by only enabeling it on the Bravo/Passion…)

Then we have 3 other android devices, the the HTC Salsa:

“Salsa” is a Blackkberry styled, Android, handset, with just 8.6mm thickness, absolutely stylish, slimmest QWERTY keypad, distinctive “Edge” design and great for social networking as it fully supports all well known Social Networking sites, Facebook, Twitter etc, while also supports IM capabilities and browsing firends photo albums via Flickr pre-installed app.Arriving June 2010.

The HTC Tide:

With “Tide”, user can njoy best of leading touch experience and a keypad. Like with Salsa, is great for social networking as it fully supports all well known Social Networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk etc, while also supports IM capabilities and browsing firends photo albums via Flickr pre-installed app. Loaded with Android OS. Arriving April 2010.

The HTC Buzz:

“Buzz” at first look, seems like it will be the ansestor of HTC Tattoo, as it offers the capabillity of covers change, for those who love changing their phones, by having multiple full different coloured covers. It’s and Android based has a huge 3.2″ sceen, 5MP Cam with Autofocus and Flash, awesome design and it’s designed for applications and applications sharing.Arriving May 2010.

The HTC Legend:

“Legend” is the ansestor of the most succsful Android device, along with “Magic”, the “HTC Hero”. Offers absolutely stylish look, covered with a metallic frame as you will see, slim with just 11.4mm, loaded with HTC Sense and a central bottom clickable Optical Mouse for easy navigation like with Magic and Hero and of course Android OS. Arriving March 2010.

Now it’s time for some Windows Mobile devices. Only 3 are planned to be launched in the first half of 2010 (compared to 5 Android devices).

The HTC Photon:

When i first took a closer look to “Photon” (without looking to its specs) i was shocked by its design and immediately thought that comparing to “Bravo” that will be HTC flagship device of 2010, as its almost the same with Leo with slight differences. Its a WM 6.5 device, 3.2″ HVGA screen, 256RAM, 5MP campera and eqquipped with Snapdragon MSM7227 600Hz CPU. As with “Bravo” it is expected to arrive on April 2010.

The HTC Trophy:

A month later, on May 2010, another WM 6.5 device, coded named as “Trophy”, will offer the opportunity of a touch phone with QWERT keypad, 3.0″ VGA screen, 5MP Camera, huge battery capacity, 1400mAh and nice design.

And finally the HTC Tera:

Last representative of the Productivity HTC category, we meet, the coded named device, “Tera”. It looks so alike to HTC Touch Pro2, thats it hard to find any differences. Slided-up full QWERTY keypad, loaded with WM 6.5 OS, 3.2MP Cam, 256RAM and 1300mAh, its a device which i don’t know if it has to show up something new, but will certainly b a medium consuming device.

It’s intersting to see that all three WinMo device are kinda low-end compared to the HTC HD2 (especially the screen resolutions) and don’t even meet the WM7 chassis 1 specs because of their lowres screen! Also, it seems like the HD2 will still be the highest speced device in HTC’s line up even compared to the HTC Bravo/Passion (if you excluded the fact that the Bravo’s screen is AMOLED). Now let’s see if HTC will finnaly enable 720P video encoding on the HD2 or shaft their users like they usually do…

Source: XDA-Devs