HTC China (Dopod) Roadmap leaked

The pictrue above is supposedly from Dopod’s 2010 handset roadmap according to Androidcentral. As you can see the HTC Dragon is listed as the A6388 (see picture below) but with a 3.6″ screen instead of the 3.7″ panel found on the recently released Nexus One(which seems to be the same device but with a TV-Tuner?…) and is supposed to ship in Q2 2010. The other interesting info is the HTC Huashan(not to be confused with the HTC Huangshan) sporting a 4.3″ screen like the HD2 & HTC Supersonicbut with a still unknown OS (it’s listed as Android but as you can see it also says “Huashan OS change to WM to be confirmed”) and a Q4 2010 availability. Two other Android handset are also listed as “in planning”: the HTC Tiashan and HTC Songshan. Finally there’s one last Windows Mobile 6.5 device named the HTC Hengshan featuring a 3.4″ HVGA screen which is set to be launched in Q3 2010.
It should be noted that this roadmap is a bit dated given that the HTC Qilin(listed as “in development”) is already available.

Via: Androidcentral