Nokia Ovi Maps API already works in Windows Phone 7

A post on Nokia’s developer forum dated from the beginning of the month notes that the OVI Maps API will be officially supported in Windows Phone 7 Mango:

This would be good to know for the future use cases; the current Ovi Maps API will be supported in
the oncoming devices. Some changes for code may be needed, also some dedicated features may
be implmented – we will get more information and details on this during the coming months.

But there isn’t anything really new here other than the claim that it will probably be “officially” supported by Nokia because it is already working in Windows Phone 7 pre-Mango right now as seen in the Outdoor Navigation application currently available on the Marketplace and which can use Nokia’s OVI Maps (or Google Maps, OpenMaps etc..) instead of Bing maps. It’s safe to assume that everything isn’t working now and that Mango will most probably improve things. Just click here to check it out.

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Turn-by-Turn voice guided Navigation and Outdoor Navigation for Windows Phone 7

Some of you may already be familiar with the super nice Outdoor Navigation application for Windows Phone 7 developed by GPSTuner but what you may not know is that the same developers have also recently released a Voice-Guided Turn-by-Turn navigation application for Windows Phone 7. To put it simply: Both applications are just awesome and are some of the best mobile apps I have used.

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Google Maps 5 for Android with 3D buildings and new vector maps released: Hands-on Video

Google has just released Google Maps 5 for Android today. This new version is that one that was demonstrated by Andy Rubin last week on the prototype Motorola tablet running Android 3.0 / Honeycomb. The major new feature in this release is the inclusion of the new vectorized maps and the 3D buildings in certain cities. The user now has the ability to rotate the whole map using his two fingers and also tilt the whole view with another finger gesture. Performance on my Samsung Galaxy S was surprisingly good (compared to what we saw on the prototype tablet last week). This new version will also allow you to have offline navigation thanks to the new vector based maps. Check out my hands-on video after the break:

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Homemade Google Maps application for Windows Phone 7

TechAutos has made a relatively simple Google Maps application for Windows Phone 7 that is available for download if you have a developer unlocked handsets (which means that you will have to manually deploy the XAP package to your phone). This is more of a proof-of-concept demonstrating the use of the Google Maps API on WP7 and not a full blown Google Maps application given the sever lack of features. As you will see in the short video I shot you can do much other that pan and zoom.Only one data layer is available and localization is done video the Cellular or GPS system. Check it out after the break:

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Google Maps Mobile 4.5 for Android adds Walking Nagivation and updated Street View

Google continues to update Google Maps Mobile for Android nearly on monthly basis with new features or functionalities and the 4.5 version released last night it proof of this with the addition of Walking Navigation and a new updated Street View. The Walking Navigation is accessible after hitting the navigation icon and then selecting “Walking” option. As with the regular car navigation feature you will need a GPS fix for it to work. The Street View features has also been updated and now looks closer to what is available on the desktop (but isn’t enabled on my French Samsung Galaxy S). Check out a demo video after the break:

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Google Maps Mobile 4.4 includes new Places feature

Google has just updated its Google Maps application for Android handsets today with the new places feature enabling users to easily find the nearest restaurant, movie theater, store etc similar to what Yelp offers. Google Maps 4.4 is currently only available on Android 1.6 + devices (through the Android Market) and will later be released on BlackBerry. No word yet on the Windows Mobile version thought (wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t one).

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Google Maps 4.3 for Android adds Latitude and Transit Transportation

Google has updated its Google Maps application for Android with a couple of new features including integration of Google Latitude and public transit transportation.  Google must me applauded for all the updates and added features that are being including nearly every month. Microsoft is also doing a good job latetly thanks to the new Bing Maps applications SDK that enables third-party developers to create Silverlight based applications for Bing Maps (application that can be easily ported to Windows Phone 7 like Weather Bug) but the Bing Team really has to work on local deals to add basic features like live traffic outside of the US and UK, public transit etc..The Google Maps 4.3 application is currently available on the Android Market for devices running Android 1.6+.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

Google Maps Navigation now available in 11 countries

Similar to the Google Voice Search restrictions that google lifted today, the Google Maps team is proudly announcing that Google Maps Navigation on Android is now available in 11 countries:

There’s nothing quite like driving through Europe in the summer. In the past week, I’ve seen the beautiful Val d’Aosta, the Swiss Alps, the Cathedral in Chartres, and travelled through the Channel Tunnel as I road-tripped from Milan to Geneva, Zürich to Stuttgart, and on through Paris to London. Why the burst of mileage? Well, I’ve been testing Google Maps Navigation version 4.2. Yes, road-testing it around Europe was a grueling process, but somebody had to do it :)

Today we’re launching Google Maps Navigation version 4.2 in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland for Android devices 1.6 and higher. Google Maps Navigation is an Internet-connected GPS navigation or ‘satnav’ system that provides turn-by-turn voice guidance as a free feature of Google Maps.

Source: Google

Google Maps 4.1 brings voice search to Windows Mobile and Symbian S60

Google has just updated Google Maps for mobile to version 4. on to bring Voice activated Search on Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 handsets. Unfortunately this implementation is currently a buggy mess on some HTC handsets. To activate the voice search the user has to press on the call button of the phone and this is where things crap out. The call button is by default assigned to the call function of the phone so instead of voice search half of the time you’ll get to see the Dialer poping-up (or the app will crash). Nice job Google. You can download this version by going to with you phone.

Source: Google

Google Maps mobile 4.0 with Google Buzz released

Google has just released the 4.0 version of Google Maps Mobile for Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android.This new version features the newly announced Google Buzz:

On your phone, Google Buzz is much more than just a small screen version of the desktop experience. Mobile devices add an important component to sharing: location. Posts tagged with geographical information have an extra dimension of context — the answer to the question “where were you when you shared this?” can communicate so much. And when viewed in aggregate, the posts about a particular location can paint an extremely rich picture of that place. Check out the Mobile Blog for more info about all of the ways to use Buzz on your phone, from a new mobile web app to a Buzz layer in Google Maps for mobile.

I tried it for a few minutes on the HTC HD2 to see how it actually works. What I don’t really understand is: Why am I seeing other peoples’ Buzz updates (people who are not in my contacts, their actual name is also showing up in there Buzz..privacy? wth?)? All this social sharing stuff is getting out of hand IMO. I don’t give a flying monkey poop about what other people do. Now, if it was only restricted to my contact list then it would be fine (maybe there’s some sort of settings that I missed somewhere?). Anyway, from a technological point of vue this is a pretty cool feature and the full integration with GMail is really awesome (if you are a big Gmail user). Here’s some more info about Google Buzz:

You can grab the Winodws Mobile & Symbian versions here. The Android version is available in the Android Market right now (only for Android 1.6 and up). For more info head over to the Google Mobile blog here

Latest version of Google Maps adds pinch-to-zoom on the Motorola Droid

Looks like Google is finally ready to enable multi-touch support in all of its native Android application now that Steve Jobs has openly called them out a few days ago (According to him Google’s “Do no Evil” motto is BS..). The latest version of Google Maps (3.4.0) for Android enables pinch-to-zoom on the Motorola Droid. It’s not known yet if this new version enables this feature on other Android handsets. Hopefully all Android phones will receive an update similar to the one the Nexus One got a few days ago.

Digital Compass now working in Windows Mobile version of Google Maps

HTC HD2 user should be happy to know that the latest version Google Maps Mobile (3.3.1) now supports the device’s digital compass. All you have to do is to tap on the my location icon on the botom right and a littil blue arrow will display on the map (in place of the blue dot). the tip of the arrow will basically be the top of you device. For example, if you point your device to the south the arrow will point to the south on the map, etc..Grab it here. Maybe Samsung Omnia II user can try it and see if it works on their device too?

Source: Google Maps Mobile via XDA

Google Maps Mobile 3.3 released

Google Maps Mobile 3.3 for Windows Mobile and Symbian phones has been released a few hours ago. THis new version packs the ability to sync your starred items from your desltop to your mobile device:

Google Maps for mobile has long allowed you to add stars on a map to mark your favorite places. You may have noticed a few months ago that Google Maps for desktop browsers introduced the ability to star places as well. Unfortunately, there was no way to keep these starred places in sync with Google Maps on your phone. With today’s release of Google Maps for mobile 3.3 on Windows Mobile and Symbian phones, you’ll now be able to keep the starred places on your phone and on your computer completely synchronized. It’s like magic, but magic that you can use.

Head over here to read the rest. You can
download Google Maps for mobile for your Symbian or Windows Mobile phone by visiting in your mobile browser.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

Windows Mobile Google maps updated with new features

Google just updated the Windows Mobile version of Google Maps, adding features like Locations, Google Suggest and Search With Maps:

My Location. Get local results without typing your location. Once you see the blue My Location dot with your current location below the search box, simply search for a local query, for example “italian restaurant”, and the search results will contain local business results along with web results.

To protect your privacy, location is encrypted when sent to the server, and only your most recent location is stored so that successive searches can use the same location. You can disable My Location at any time in the “Advanced Options” screen.

Google Suggest. Reduce typing time by selecting suggestions to complete your queries. You will also see URL suggestions, which bring you directly to a web page, skipping the search results page entirely. Try typing “facebook” to see this kind of suggestion.

Search with Maps. If you have installed Google Maps, type a local query and wait for suggestions. Select the suggestion with the red pin next to it to launch your search inside Google Maps.

Just visit with you smartphone to download the app.

Source: Google Mobile Blog via WMPoweruser