Exchange 2003 bug in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Several readers have alerted me about an annoying bug introduced in Widows Phone 7.5 Mango when replaying to mails in an Exchange 2003 inbox:

When replying to an email in a Exchange 2003 inbox on the phone(OS 7.5-7.10.7720.68) the original email text is not included in the sent reply.

Please report this back to Microsoft by voting here. Hopefully the boys in Redmond will be able to quickly release a hotfix for it. If any of you Mango users noticed some other deal breaking bug just post in the comments below and also report it on Microsoft’s uservoice site.

Microsoft working on Windows Phone 7 tethering with OEMs ?

I just came across an interesting sentence at the bottom of the Windows Phone 7 and Exchange Server_FINAL_122010.pdf in relation to the Exchange ActiveSync BlockInternetSharing policy (pictured above):

** Press articles may have indicated that Internet sharing can be enabled on some Windows Phone 7 phones
by activating diagnostics tools included by the manufacturer of the device. This policy does not have control
over the device firmware and Microsoft is working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to correct
any inconsistencies.

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Windows Phone 7 Exchange ActiveSync client features support compared to all other mobile platforms

Microsoft MVP Henrik Walther has produced a fairly extensive table comparing the Current Exchange Active Sync features supported in Windows Phone 7 compared to all the other major mobile platforms. Namely: Android 2.2, Apple iPhone and iPad iOS 4, Nokia’s MFE, Palm WebOS and a few others. As of today Windows Phone 7′s Exchange ActiveSync client supports fewer features than Apple iOS 4 and is still far behind Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5. Microsoft has already stated that the initial version of the OS was principally aimed at the consumer market and that future updates should bring more enterprise oriented features to the table. Check out the whole table after the break:

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Migrating to Exchange 2010, an opportunity to dump BlackBerry

Here’s an interesting article about a company, Global Crossing, who is migrating from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 and using this as an opportunity to switch their mobile fleet from Blackberry to Windows Mobile 6.5 phones:

“RIM requires that you pay for a license for the BlackBerry servers,” says Steven Schafer, Director of Network Services at Global Crossing. “You pay a license for every BlackBerry user that you have connected, and then you also pay for support and maintenance for the servers and users.”

But Is WinMo 6.5 Good Enough?

Despite the cost savings Global Crossing could reap by ditching BlackBerry servers and licenses, Windows Mobile 6.5 has faced some harsh criticism since it launched a month ago. It was mostly panned by critics and, based on recent studies, it has fallen way behind in the smartphone race.

Most of the gripes about Windows Mobile 6.5 are that it is a stopgap before the arrival of Windows Mobile 7, with underwhelming interface and touchscreen features. But even though WinMo 6.5 is not being hailed as a great mobile OS for consumers, critics admit that it’s a solid enterprise mobile OS given how well it integrates with Exchange.

Schafer is counting on such a smooth integration with Exchange 2010 and Office Communications Server. It’s what sets WinMo 6.5 apart, despite its lackluster reviews, he says, adding that he expects more enhancements with the arrival of Windows Mobile 7 in the second half of next year.

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Source: SFGate via wmpoweruser