HTC Desire vs iPhone 3GS browser comparison video

Here’s an interesting video comparison of the HTC Desire vs the iPhone 3GS browsers. You’ll first see web pages already cached being loaded on both devices, then the same test being done after flushing the browsers cache. The Desire nearly always comes out ahead of the iPhone but as you will see Apple‘s flagship product is still the king when it comes to navigation fluidity and speed (zooming & panning).

HTC delays Sim-Free HTC Desire in the UK, favors Carriers?

Looks like something weird is going on in the UK right now. According to several reports all orders of unlocked/sim-free HTC Desireshave been delayed and all the stock has be re-allocated to the carriers for the time being. This means that all those who pre-ordered the phone and were supposed to receive it today are now left with nothing but an email from their online UK retailer (Clove, Hantec, Devicewire, etc) telling them that hipping has been delayed until next week at the earliest. Some online stores are actually blaming HTC for this apparently:

Thanks for your email,

I am very sorry for this situation, i understand you have spoken to one of my colleagues today in regards to this issue, i understand the most likely reason for any delays to HTC official Online partners may be a logistical problem, with Network providers being preferred over the Online Partners, please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to you regarding this.

We are finding it very hard to substantiate such a delay without any valid reasons and can completely understand what you mean here, we will put any info we have on the site immediately but whilst we too are in the dark we can only apologise and ask for your patience.

We honestly do not intend to mislead customers and are just as frustrated with the constant set backs as all of our customers but were currently assessing this situation and ensuring our purchasing team is in contact with HTC permanently to obtain any updates.

We will alway keep you in the loop and would be grateful of any information you can post to ensure all of our customers are aware were working as hard as possible to ensure all orders are fulfilled as soon as possible.

Please also feel free to email us for any updates.

Is there anything else that we can assist you with here?

Kind regards.

Customer Service 803

Telephone 0845 644 7727
Online Live Support Online

Unit 64 – 66,
Werrington Business Centre
Papyrus road

You can follow the ongoing drama over at XDA right now. This is kinda shady on HTC’s part, but it seems like they prefer to favor their partners (which are the number One costumers now I guess) instead of the end-user. FYI, the HTC Desire is now available and shipping on Vodafone UK, Orange UK, T-mobile UK. My guess is the HTC probably didn’t anticipate the high-demand for the phone and didn’t have enough stock ready to fulfill all those  orders so they decided to prioritize the carriers orders (which is somewhat understandable from a business perspective).

[Thanks to everyone for the tip]

HTC Legend HTC Desire rooted

Paul O’Brein did it again! The HTC Legend and HTC Desire are now rooted and Paul is working on the system partion right now. XDA Chefs get ready!

Source: Paul O’ Brein

HTC Desire now available on T-Mobile UK

HTC’s high-end Android smartphone is now available for purchase on T-Mobile’s UK online store for as low as £0 with the lowest 24 months plan. Potential buyers of the HTC Desire can also get it for £129 with a £22/month contract. Now lets hope that HTC releases the promised DivX & 720P update soon.

Source: T-Mobile UK via Engadget

HTC Droid Eris seen in Verizon training material

HTC Droid Eris training shot
Verizon’s HTC Hero, known as the HTC Droid Eris is in the starting blocksas seen in the picture above which is supposedly from Verizon’s training material. This goes along with the November 6th launch date rumors we are hearing. November is going to be a big month for Verizon it seems.

Source: Androidguys via Techmeme

Verizon Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Eris launching November 6th

According to BGR‘s ninjas, Verizon’s Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Eris are going to be launched on November 6th. Nothing is confirmed yet though besides Verizon‘s Droid announced which is taking place tomorrow. Check ou the video here for some short Android 2.0 action on the Moto Droid.

Source: BGR

HTC Desire confirmed on Verizon, to be named Droid Eris

Engadget got a nice tip regarding Verizon’s upcoming Android devices. According to the tipster the Droid name isn’t exclusive to the Motorla Droid and will be used on all Verizon Android based phones. For example the HTC Desire which we have seen here is going to be the Droid Eris. This phone is rumored to be announced on November 6th. Looks like this is the year of Android in terms of releases, thanks to the major screw up in the developement of Windows Mobile 7.

Source: Engadget

HTC Desire: Verizon’s version of the HTC Hero

We finally know what the HTC Desire is, thanks to a tipster who sent a picture of the device to BGR. It’s bascally identical to the Sprint HTC Hero (which is just a redesigned HTC Hero). This device should be the third Android phone alongside the Motorola Droid & Calgary coming out on Verizon for the holidays.

Source: BGR