HTC Desire HD vs Samsung Galaxy S vs Samsung Omnia 7 camera comparison

Time for another camera comparison! This time I’m comparing the video capture quality of the HTC Desire HD versus the Galaxy S and Omnia 7. So how does it look like? Well just take a look at the video embedded after the break. The Desire HD image quality is really muddy and has that trademarked HTC purple tint to it. Framerate is consistent in board daylight (30fps in this video, but it can go as low as 5fps indoors!). HTC just can’t seem to get cameras right. My guess is that they are using relatively low end sensors because there’s no reason why the MSM8255 can’t capture great quality videos and it has been shown that with the WP7 devices that with the same chipset (the QSD8250) in all handsets only HTC couldn’t sustain consistent framerates when encoding videos (compared to Samsung and LG who have it locked at 24fps). The only save grace here is that auto-focus which works without much problem: you can focus anywhere you want while shooting a video just by taping on the screen (similar to when you shoot pictures). Anyway, the best one out of the three here is, in my opinion, the Galaxy S (even though its auto-focus is super slow and sometimes doesn’t trigger at all..) followed by the Omnia 7 which still suffers from abnormally high shutter speeds in outdoors situations (this is why the video looks choppy even though the frame rate is locked at 24fps!).

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