Acer neoTouch benchmarked: the fastest Windows Phone ever?

neoTouch review
Is the Acer neoTouch the fastest Windows Mobile device ever? Well according to SoloPalmari, who’ve posted Part 1 of their review, that’s how it looks like. Keep in mind that the HTC HD2 was running a pre-released rom though (and we don’t know how it was teste.. Was the TouchFLO/Sense UI disabled before running the benchmarks? etc..).


What in the rankings, perhaps more striking is the sharp gap between the leader and his immediate pursuer, while the fast HTC HD2, also implemented with QSD chipset Qualcomm MSM 8250 Snapdragon. The difference in overall performance is probably attributable to three reasons. The first is adopted by the different user interface terminals: much lighter is dell’Acero neoTouch. The second reason is the obvious gap in performance by individuals, in our opinion, implementation by dell’HD2 multitouch technology, responsible for a further burden on system resources. Finally an important role can be played by “tuning” the system of two competitors. Note the technical framework: the Acer neoTouch seems designed to “run” more, so much so that in front of a display from the diagonal well below that of its competitor the amperage of the battery is rather greater, in order to offset the strong consumption resulting from the “push” services.

See the video of the HTC HD2 vs Acer neoTouch here

Source: SoloPalmari

HTC HD2 vs Acer neoTouch benchmark

One more HTC HD2 video for the night. This time it’s the HD2 going against the Acer neoTouch in CorePlayer. The two Windows Mobile 6.5 phones feature the same Qualcomm SnapDragon chipset clocked at 1Ghz.

The Acer neoTouch came on top by scoring 262.50% vs 228.93% for the HD2. Remember that the HD2 used isn’t running the latest rom though.

Source: SoloPalmari

myPlayer let’s you watch Hulu , BBC iPlayer on your Windows Mobile Phone

But there’s a catch..You’ll have to buy CorePlayer to use it. What myPlayer actualy does is give you a nice finger freindly UI to directly access Hulu, BBC iPlayer & hundres of live TV channels without having to open the browser. When a video or channel is seleted mPlayer will launch CorePlayer to play the content.The software is compatible with Windows Mobile 5/6.X touchscreen devices. Check out this hands on video of the software running on a Samsung Omnia II:

You can grab myPlayer over at XDA-Devs here

Source: Pocketnow