BlackBerry Bold 9700 (Onyx) is officially announced

After months of leaks, YouTube videos & early reviews the BlackBerry Bold 9700 (onyx) is now officially announced. The phone runs on the new BlackBerry OS5.0, features a optical treckpad, 360×480 screen, Wifi, 3.2Mpx camera etc.. Several carriers have announced that they are going ot offer the phone worldiwde as soon as November.
T-Mobile announcement with Voice Calling over Wi-Fi : here
AT&T’s announcement: here
The official product site: here
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BlackBerry 9700 reviewed and loved

BlackBerry Tour vs BlackBerry 9700

BlackBerry Tour vs BlackBerry 9700

The BGR boys just slapped up a review of RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 9700. I must say that I’m surprised to see how small it is compared to the Tour. It really looks small but also solid. Here’s what they say about the hardware:

The 9700 makes the Tour look like a bloated 8-month pregnant single mother. Shave about 24% of the surface area off the Tour, bevel the edges, round the corners, and you’ll have something close to the BlackBerry 9700. It’s the most gorgeous BlackBerry on the planet. And no, that’s not up for debate or discussion. Early units had the straight RIM color theme on the keyboards (white letters with red accents/symbols) but the unit we have which is most likely what AT&T will receive is all white. This looks great meshed with the titanium chrome finish on the bezel and the high gloss black finish on the front of the device.

RIM has another winner I guess. Can’t wait to see a review of the Storm2.

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BlackBerry 9700 quick hands-on video

Nothing really new but here’s a shorts hands-on video of the ,soon to be release on AT&T, BlackBerry 9700 (Onyx).

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HTC Touch Pro2, BlackBerry 9700 coming soon to AT&T

It seems that we have now some confirmation that the Touch Pro2 is also coming to AT&T which makes it one of the first HTC phones to be available on nearly all the major operators worldwide. RIMs BlackBerry 9700 is also in the pipeline. BoyGeniusReport posted the following list of upcoming AT&T phones : att-prelaunch-list

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