Dual Booting Android on a Windows Mobile Smartphone

As I’ve reported earlier, you can now run Android 2.X on your Windows Mobile smartphone with a little tweaking. Well, here’s new and easy way to run Android on your Windows Mobile device; Gen.Y DualBOOT.
What Gen.Y DualBOOT does is let you dual boot your handset in either Windows Mobile or Android. What you have to do first is get Android and put it on your memory card. Then grab Gen.Y DUALBOOTand install it. You will then be presented with a new dual boot menu once you have rebooted your phone. Here’s a video demo done by Brandon at Pocketnow:

Can’t wait to see this work on the HTC HD2 (so far it’s only compatible with previous HTC handsets like the Diamond2/TP2 etc..)

Source: XDA via Pocketnow

Android 2.0 running on the HTC Touch HD

The beauty of Windows Mobile is that you can do nearly do anything with it. As we have reported a couple of days ago, Android 2.0 has been “ported” to Windows Mobile on the HTC Diamond2 and HTC Touch Pro2. The only downside is that you couldn’t active any connectivity function (WiFi, Cellular etc..). It now looks like this little inconvenience is now a thing of the past in this new version running on the HTC Touch HD:

You can grab it here

-Capacitive Buttons and Navigation wheel
-Brightness Control: Must turn off autolight in WinMo
-GPRS (thanks Phhusson )
-Microphone works: Reverted in-kernel htc_acoustic mic. Now using custom kernel without those commits. you can go thanks Battousai for this one !
-Charging (phhusson )
-debugging breathing led for sleep mode: lets you know when your device is sleeping. This shouldnt affect your battery life at all.
-Wifi: was always on when enabled. Now it is used alot less often so the device will be warm at most.
-Task killer app.
-Android information program.
-Gsensor: fixed
-Power collapse
-Proximity sensor
-idle sleep mode
-deep sleep: Remove pm.sleep_mode=X from startup.txt if you have it in your default.txt .. check this, http://forum.xda-developers.com/show…&postcount=731 (IMPORTANT).
-Accelerometer fix: Now very accurate and shouldn’t cause your device to randomly change view. Thanks to mmone3
-sms fix: yep the one you guys have all been waiting for ( thanks phhusson )

Not Working:

An HTC TouchPro and Iamond version is also avaialble here.

Source: YouTube & XDA

Try Android 2.0.1 on your Windows Mobile device

Thanks to the chefs at XDA you can now try Android 2.0.1 (Eclair) on your HTC Touch HD, TouchPro 2 or Touch Diamond 2. Android is basically running on WinMo through an emulator this means that a lot of functionalities currently don’t work (like WiFi, Phone etc) but the performance is quite good for what it is. Just hit the links below to grab the files:

Touch Pro2 (v1.6)
Touch Diamond2
Touch HD

1. Download the files and put them on a storage card on your device
2. Run Haret.exe, and wait about five minutes

Pocketnow did a short video of the whole thing running on an HTC Touch Diamond2:

Via: Pocketnow

HTC Nexus One hits the FCC, new live pictures

Well, here comes some new pictures of the HTC Nexus One (or freakin’ Google Phone as some want to call it..). As it’s been the case since the begining the desing looks kid of lame compared to HTC’s Windows Mobile offerings (especially the HD2). You can also see that the device is running Android 2.1 but if this is to be believed the device will only ship with Android 2.0.X. Google Phone or not Google Phone this whole thing is getting boring. The device has also passed the FCC and cleary shows that it’s compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile.

Source: FCC via Engadget

Verizon Motorola Droid 2.0.1 update available now

For those who missed the “big” news, Verizon started pushing the Android 2.0.1 (AP:ESD56/BP:C_01.3E.01P) update to the Motorola Droid yesterday. The following enhancements to the Droid have been made:

- OS stability is improved.
- Battery life is improved.
- Camera auto focus functionality is improved, and time between
shots is reduced.
- Enhancements for three-way calling.
- Audio for incoming calls is improved.
- When receiving a call on call waiting, the speakerphone now
remains on.
- Bluetooth® functionality is improved; background echo is eliminated.
- Improved Bluetooth phone book transfer of contacts to in-vehicle
- Bluetooth solutions.
- After closing a GPS application, the GPS icon will now automatically
be removed from the notification panel.
- Users can now receive SMS and MMS messages after an EMS
message is received.
- SMS and MMS may now be sent to seven-digit addresses.
- Google® contact merging has been updated to accommodate
seven-digit numbers.
- Visual Voice Mail notices now arrive instantaneously.
- The corporate calendar widget user interface is updated.

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