Nokia Pro Camera released for Lumia 920, 925 and 928

As promised last month Nokia has just made the Nokia Pro Camera application available to all Nokia Lumia Pureview handsets; The Lumia 920, Lumia 925 and 928. The Nokia Lumia AMBER updated is required to make Pro Camera downloadable and functional but this should be a problem for Lumia 925 owners or even 920 and 928 users given that the global roll out of the software bits has just started earlier today.
I’ve had some time with it on my Lumia 925 so here are my first impression given that I have unfortunately never handled a Lumia 1020 yet:

- The UI is has good as it gets: Silky smooth and super functional
- Using the Pro Camera app will enable all Lumia PureView handsets to record videos with Stereo audio (finally!) and choose their desired resolution/frame rate. Lossless 1.8x digital zoom as also been implemented.
- Given that Nokia Pro Camera is a third party app it can’t bypass the lock screen if you use a password. Which means that if you set it as the default camera app pressing the hardware camera button will wake up the phone but asked you to enter your password to launch the app. This extremely annoying.
- I really miss the swipe to the right gesture of the native camera that lets you quickly browse your camera roll
- Every shot taken with the Pro Cam app in landscape mode will have that annoying link underneath it which really breaks the UX and UI flow of the photo gallery. I really hate that. Why not display the link only if I slightly swipe the picture upwards to reveal that it was taken with a third party app just like it currently works with photos shot in portrait??
- In addition to the Lock-screen password annoyance the Pro Cam app takes longer to load that the native app and eats battery life for breakfast

Hurry up and grab it right here.