Nokia adds Call + SMS blocking feature to its Lumia Windows Phone 8 phones

Nokia has just pushed out a new Calls + SMS filtering feature to its Lumia line of Windows Phone 8 devices in the latest version of Extras+Info setting application. Once the updated app is installed a new ssetting entry will show up in the Windows Phone 8 setting section. Tapping on it will open the Calls + SMS filtering app wchi will allow users to setup their handset to block incoming calls or text messages from any phone number added to the black list via the phone’s calling history.

A Live Tile can also be added to the start screen displaying the number of calls or sms blocked by the handset in real time. This really handy feature which was previously available on Nokia’s Symbian and S40 phones has been made available through a new API introduced in the Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update. It should also be noted that Samsung added this functionality to it’s Windows Phone 7.x devices last year via an exclusive app (and that this was also possible on Windows Mobile which had the same underlying Kernel as WP7.X). Download the Extras+Info update here.

  • lubba

    As an ATT customer, no point showing this when we don’t even have Amber and GDR2 update. Its August and we’re still left in the dark.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it won’t be much longer..

  • joe

    Got the update on my Lumia 925. Its nice.