Microsoft finally releases its Bing Apps for Windows Phone 8: Bing Weather, News, Finance and Sports

Microsoft’s Bing apps for Windows 8 have been highly praised since their release over a year ago and are favorites of mine especially the Bing Weather and Bing Finance app which are packed with useful information and features. The most logical thing would have  been for Microsoft to port them to Windows Phone 8 as soon as possible so user of Windows 8 and WP8 can have a consistent user experience at home and on the go. Unfortunately Microsoft isn’t known for doing things in a logical way but this time common sense prevailed (although nearly 12months too late) and those amazing apps have now finally landed on your beloved smartphone platform.

As of today the Windows Phone platform finally has a native Weather, Finance app that is worth something (remember iOS came pre-loaded with a weather and Stocks app from the start..). Bing News, Bing Sports, Bing Weather and Bing Finance are now available on the Windows Phone 8 Store worldwide and free for all. The good news is that the quality is here just like on Windows 8 and this will surely put a dent in the success of some of the current top rated third party apps in the same categories. The only downside is that some of the features present in the Windows 8 versions are not yet implemented on Windows Phone 8′s counterparts (the biggest omission being the ability to share news stories etc..). The first thing you will notice is that nearly everything can be independently pinned to the start screen; sports, favorite teams, cities (weather), news categories, news source, favorite teams, companies (real-time financial quotes) the only (big) thing missing is the ability to set Bing Weather (or any other Bing apps) as a source of info on the Lock screen. This will hopefully be implemented sooner rather than later.

Hit the links link below to download the apps right now:

Bing News

Bing Sports

Bing Weather

Bing Finance

For more info about each app hit the Microsoft blog or simply just try them out now!