Nokia Lumia 1020 Camera tech explained and sample shots

The Nokia Lumia 1020 launch event just ended a few minutes ago with the company announcing that the handset will start shipping in the US on July 26th exclusively on AT&T for 299.9 with a 2/y contract. People from around the world will unfortunately have to wait a few weeks before getting their sweaty hands on this beast though. The Lumia 1020 will be launched in select Asian and Western Europe market in Q3 2013 for an undisclosed price. A camera grip featuring a 2 stage shutter button, universal tripod mount and built-in 1020mha battery will launch alongside it for $79. You can check out the full Lumia 1020 specs here.

There was some confusion a few days ago surrounding the actual retail name of the handset pointing at another possible choice being “Nokia Lumia 909″ as a node to the original 808. Well it appears that this is actually the real internal name of the device as seen in this shot below taken at the NYC event.

Nokia has also posted a very detailed white paper explaining the inner workings of the new 41MP PuverView sensor and 2nd generation Optical Image Stabilization technology found in the 1020 which you can download directly from here. This paper also details the new Nokia Pro Cam application which allows full manual control of over the camera settings. I really hope that Pro Cam will be made available to all Lumia 92X handsets and not be exclusive to the 1020 because manual controls is really something needed especially on Nokia’s recent OIS devices who tend to over expose a lot.

Here’s a short hands on video of Nokia Pro Cam on the Lumia 1020 courtesy of AnandTech:

Another One:

Finally here are several sample shots (click to view in full resolution):


Check out the full gallery here.

  • Vince Klein

    Well, I got lucky and was able to handle a 1020. It´s a really beautiful device and even the lens bump does not mar it too much.
    However, this phone screams for more processing power. It takes way to long to process the hefty data output which blunts the overall camera experience quite a bit.
    That´s a phone clearly held back by the ineptitude of MS to support more powerful SOCs.
    Also the pen-tile subpixel arrangement looks really bad on WP8 with its stark black/white contrasts. 720P does not hide it that well.

    I am pretty shocked tbh that Nokia have not employed something like Samsungs Pentile+ arrangement as found on the Galaxy Note 2. While it is still pentile, it´s nigh invisible even on a 5.5 screen.
    My contract is up next summer so I am really holding out for a 1040 with an improved screen, S800 SOC and WP Blue. That´s the package that should have been delivered THIS holiday season.
    MS blew it, no pun intended.