Major Nokia Here Drive + and Here Transit updates coming to all Windows Phone 8 devices this week

As I tweeted a last month Nokia is set to finally get the Here Drive + app out of Beta with the inclusion of Life Traffic support and the My Commute feature. The company has also officially announced today a major update to the Here Transit application with a modified /improved UI and the availability of Here Drive + to all Windows Phone 8 handsets (HTC, Samsung etc..).

As of right now Here Drive is free for all Windows Phone 8 users but unlike Here Drive + you can only download maps for your Sim Card region/Country. HTC, Samsung, and Lumia 520, 521,720 users will now be offered to upgrade to Here Drive + at the following prices:

You can expect both application updates to be released in the coming days.

Source: Nokia, Nokia

  • Freespacer

    Incorrect: ‘As of right now Here Drive is free for all Windows Phone 8 users’ misses the part: ‘O N L Y in US, Germany, Italy, France, UK and Spain.’
    I hope thats not tbe whole wold for you!

    for the rest of us (like Austria, which lies more ore less between Germany and Italy) i see a ‘–’ on your graphics.
    so THE WORLD has to pay 1.99 for Here Transit and 34.99 fot Drive+ and A FEW lucky countries get it free.
    Sorry but THAT is the right way to put it.

    what a bloody rip off.