First Nokia Lumia 1020 photos show promising quality

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore uploaded a few days ago on his Flickr account, two pictures taken with the soon to be unveiled Nokia Lumia 1020 during his recent trip to Finland. This may have been done or purpose to generate buzz (or not..) but the fact is that these are the very first sample pictures of Nokia’s next flagship Windows Phone 8 handset featuring the 41MP PureView camera sensor.

The first shot is a 3.7MP (2352×1568) downsampled from 38MP picture of Joe’s face shot at ISO-100 w/F.2.2 focal length. The second photo is a 5MP (2947×1658) 16:9 downsampled shot also at ISO-100.

Color reproduction and details are on par with DSLR’s and Micro Four Third’s even though I’m not really fond of the weird grain in the second shot when you zoom into it. Fun fact: Sea Ray was the Nokia Lumia 800′s codename.

source: Flickr

  • ValtaVirtaa

    The second shot is not that impressive anymore. It still looks like a photo taken with a mobile camera. The background should be much softer. You just cannot have a small DOF with these mini sensors.

  • pureviewOG

    Both pictures have been edited in Lightroom. Check image details. That is ridiculous..808 still beats this 100-0.